Postagens Originais do John Titor (Parte 7)

Posted by Mike Kolesnik on 02-13-2001 06:55 PM
But I will absolutely not get sucked into another “Waverider” hoax.
Come on people, don’t you remember the Waverider?
The Waverider and his fantastic faxes to AB?
Well I do.
And I admit he suckered me too…for a while.
I also remember when he went on the show and made a complete fool
of himself. Art finally came to his senses too and blasted him. It
would be nice to find out the date he was on and get a copy of the

Webmaster? A little help please.
Well anyway, back to the subject matter. I don’t hate John and I don’t dislike him either. I am nuetral about him.
There is a world of difference between him and the Waverider
though. John has an articulate manner of writing and has an amazing
command of our present language (35 years old by him) I also went back
and reread ALL his posts and I only found one spelling error and no
grammatical errors, so he pretty much shames me on that count. His
written content seems to be well subdued and consistent. (except for
the 2004 vs. 2005 thing) John seems to be of above average IQ and
conducts himself in a dignified manner.

Of course all this analysis was made from his posts so he could be an entirely different person in real life.
Since I am not completely galvanized against John I have thought about the possibility of Human TT. (ET TT is another matter)
Logically though the revelation of his TT ability still makes no sense,
as he could easily question people of this time and get all sorts of
info without revealing himself.

So that leads to the question why would he reveal himself if he has no stated aganda for doing so?
Some hypothesis:
1. John IS a TT’er who has a hidden agenda. It could be as simple
as a gentle nudge in a certain direction. ( It aint gonna happen John,
for the most part humans are a stubborn illogical lot whose memory of
past events is in the area of weeks, instead of years or decades)

2. John came here to give somebody a “Back to the Future” type of
push so as to invent the Time Machine. ( My opinion on this is that no
one needs to “invent” the TM because if is has been built in the future
then it has always been invented, and we are merely waiting for someone
to “discover” it. Just look back at most of the major advancements in
science, almost every invention of science already existed, it only
needed people to put it together.

About the only things humans have invented deal in the arts. music
etc. This opinion comes from the “all times exist at once” theory.)

3. John came back for some kind of nostalgia tour and has decided
to take a rest stop in 2001 ( don’t stay too long John or you will
become polluted by us to such an extent you will probably end up in
Vegas hocking your TM at the tables!)

4. John came here to witness some catastrophic near future event
and won’t tell us about it (to me this would be the most plausible
reason of them all because whatever he tells us would be rendered mute
by the “event”)

5. < your thoeries here>

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-13-2001 07:10 PM Smile
I’d just like to say, before John Titor, (A.K.A. TT_0 in the post
where he’s been taken out almost) that when he posts, he does a
maneuver that focuses the question back to the receiver, as to have him
think it’s been answered, and to shut him up. (Which in fact, he just
avoided answering it, by doing what he did). He does this very often,
and I’d just wanted to point that out before he did it again.

Hey TT_0, why didn’t you acknowledge my last post? It’s me TTA. I know
your feeling the pressure, and it’s only going to get worse.

-Javier C.
P.S. You should have seen Johns reply posts to me in the beginning. He likes to use the word “Kill” alot.

Posted by John Titor on 02-13-2001 11:32 PM
((John has been unable to explain time travel, I will explain it here.))
I could be wrong but I don’t recall being asked to “explain time
travel”. If you could point that out to me in the posts I would
appreciate it.

So it’s ritualized combat on the battlefield of differential
geometry. It’s a shame we couldn’t have more constructive dialogue on
the subject. Of course, I’ve left my physics book in the time machine
so unless you snuck in a hidden land-mine, I found your opening move
very straightforward. However, you’re too confident I won’t be able to
offer an explanation that I’m sure other physics fans will appreciate.
I wonder if Einstein and Grossmann did it this way or maybe they just
listened to each other and tried to build on what they thought would
work. Oh well.

((..and debunk my calculations on time travel. You can’t, because you are a fraud!))
When I look up debunk, I see: “To expose or ridicule the falseness,
sham or exaggerated claims.” The reason I cannot debunk your
calculations is because they are true. They are not false, based on
speculative facts or exaggerated. They are just incomplete. What you
really want me to do is finish your explanation or I will be an

((There are, however, certain quantities that do remain constant. These
constants are related to four-dimensional quantities known as metric

Actually, I don’t think that’s correct. Minkowski spacetime (4-D)
will not allow you to use Pythagoas’ theorem to decribe tensors because
time needs to be expressed with the opposite sign. (please excuse my
change of varibale case).

ds^2 = -c^2dt^2 + dx^2 + dy^2 + dz^2
(where ds describes timelike and spacelike trips).
The tensor we should be discussing is:
ds^2 = -a^2dt^2 + w^2(df – wdt)^2 + (r^2/ D)dr^2 + r^2dq^2
I hope I got the symbols right but you should be able to recognize
this…right? nuts… the a, f, r, Delta and q didn’t make the
translation in this font.

((The US government, including the UN, has its hands in everything
from biological tests to secret planes that can fly out of Earths

Care to share with me how you solved the overheating problem on your spaceplane?
Javier, don’t worry. I’ll talk to you too. Please check again and you’ll find my hello.
I will get to and review the questions I missed. I apologize if my
answers seemed flippant. There are many posts I want to respond to and
I am unable to pay as much attention as I would like.

Posted by Andrew Hubbard on 02-14-2001 04:10 AM Question
This is great.
here is some questions:
1) Does the last name hubbard have any historical(is that the right term?) relevance?
2) What happens with Australia? does it play a major part in the war?
3) What colloquial language is used in the future?
4) What exactly happens to the water? does it get poisoned from radiation?
5) Have you actually met your parents? if so, what are their thoughts on you?
6) Does time have ends?
7) Lets just say that people from the future are manipulating events
now, such as preventing a tragedy, making it never occur. If it never
occured, no body would be sent back to stop it, which would mean that
the event does take place. This would lead to the prevention of it
happening again, and so on. What would happen in one of these

Posted by Ryan Murphy on 02-14-2001 05:28 AM
John, if you really did travel through time you’d be dead. You have
to take into account that the universe is expanding, the Earth, the
solar system and the galaxy are all moving. If you truely did travel
back through time, you’d materialize in 1970 where the Earth WILL be in
2036, which is the vacuum of space..

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-14-2001 06:25 AM
You requested I point out some inconsistencies. I’ll point out one in the following exchange between you and I.
[[I do but your questions were rather specific. I would love to talk physics and I’ll be happy to walk through the operation
of the unit.
((1) exposing yourself, you've very likely broken several regulations,
No, I haven’t.
((2) Put yourself at risk by doing so,))
Yes, that’s potential true but what I gain offsets that. Does that
statement answer the question why time traveler’s do

not revel themselves?
((3) should know a hell of a lot more about the machines you're operating,))
I do know very much about it. I’m just not willing to share it with everyone.
((4) are inconsistent in several aspects of your posts.))
If you could point out the specific questions I will be happy to address them. ]]
Specifically, you stated my questions were “rather specific” and
you’d be “love to discuss physics and happy to walk through the
operation (I assume of the machine)”. A few lines later you state
(after me saying you should know a hell of a lot more about the
machines you’re operating) that you do know much about it, but you’re
not willing to share it with everyone. So… which is it? Are you
willing to share information on the operation, a walkthrough of the
machine, time travel… or AREN’T YOU?

Posted by Brad Jensen on 02-14-2001 07:01 AM
You have been challenged John. You have finished the space-time
manipulation calculations, but left important details out, of which we
will not expound on.

Read my reply in my string. Can you explain, just basicly mind you, the time travel process?

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-14-2001 07:18 AM
I conclude that John is:
1) Not from the future.
2) He has no time machine.
3) He is doing this for personal gain – whether monetary, or
social-interaction, but more specifically, I believe he is working on
either a psychology study/degree/thesis.

4) He is in his late 20′s or early 30s.
If John were a time traveler, he would not be here telling us
anything about himself. He certainly would not give us information
regarding anything having to do with “future technology”, regardless of
the divergence of timelines. You see… even a semi-unethical person
would have qualms about screwing up a society that you can taste,
touch, feel and experience.

If John truely IS a time traveler (which he isn’t in the sense he
is trying to lead us to believe) then he is here to witness an
historical event that we have yet to figure out. Either the beginning
of World War III (which some of us already believe is about to happen)
or the beginning of Civil war. I can postulate and guess all day, at
all sorts of reasons – about all all sorts of things I can figure out
on my own. In other words.. if John were a time traveler, he would be
here NOW to watch something about to happen (very historical, very
important…). If he would answer some questions about the physics of
his alledged time ship, I would be willing to go along with this some

At this point… my points above (1-4) stand. John is a fraud.
Sorry John… it was fun while it lasted.

Posted by John Titor on 02-14-2001 07:25 AM
On a nearby thread, Brad writes:
((John has been unable to explain Time Travel, I will explain it here.
So where do we start? Well let us start with one of the greatest
triumphs of the human mind, the great theorem of Pythagoras, a true
pillar of all mathematics and physics. The theorem, which is applicable
to right angled triangles in flat Cartesian (Newtonian) space takes the
form of:

c^2 = a^2 + b^2
where a, b and c are the lengths of the sides of the triangle.
Next we will jump straight to Einstein’s theory of Relativity which
states that neither time, length, or indeed mass remain constant
additive quantities when approaching the speed of light c. Our simple
ideas of time and space come from the fact the we are so used to living
in a three dimensional universe. Einstein showed that this was simply
not true and in fact all the “foundational” three laws of Newton have
to be fudged by the Lorentz factor

L_f = (1 – v^2/c^2)^-1/2
There are, however, certain quantities that do remain constant. These
constants are related to four-dimensional quantities known as metric
tensors. From this Einstein proved that space and time are two aspects
of the same thing and that matter and energy are also two aspects of
the same thing. From the second of these concepts we get the most
famous equation in physics

E = mc^2
Now since time and space are aspects of space-time and we wish to
travel through time and not build atom bombs we will leave E=mc^2 for
the moment. To illustrate this, look at the extension of Pythagorean
theorem for the distance, d, between two points in space:

d^2 = x^2 + y^2 + z^2
where x, y and z are the lengths, or more correctly the difference in
the co-ordinates, in each of the three spatial directions. This
distance remains constant for fixed displacements of the origin.

In Einstein’s relativity the same equation is modified to remain
constant with respect to displacement (and rotation), but not with
respect to motion. For a moving object, at least one of the lengths
from which the distance, d, is calculated is contracted relative to a
stationary observer. The equation now becomes:

d^2 = x^2 + y^2 + z^2 (1-v^2/c^2)^1/2
and this implies that the distances all shrink as one moves faster, so
does this mean there are no constant distances left in the universe?
The answer is that there are because of Einstein’s revolutionary
concept of space-time where time is distance and distance is time! So

s^2 = x^2 + y^2 + z^2 – ct^2
and this new distance s (remember s stands for Space-time) does indeed
remain constant for all who are in relative motion. This distance is
said to be a Lorentz transformation invariant and has the same value
for all inertial observers. Since the equation mixes time and space up
we have to always think in terms of this new concept: space-time!

Then one runs into the problem of ‘outside dating’. Meaning, as the
traveler manipulates space-time, the rest of the universe ages normaly.
Then we must take inter-dimensional transition into account. Once a
hole is ripped into a dimensions fabric, it follows whatever entered
the rip. Once the travler enters the new dimension, he commences his
engines to reach the c speed (speed of light), and travels through
time. The rip on the travelers side will stay in the same geographic
location, while traveling through time, while the rip on the new
dimension will follow the traveler. Once the desired time is reached,
the travelar reenters the rip, and he has effectively traveled through

((As for John Titor’s corrections on space-time manipulation, he has completed it correctly. However, he still an imposter.))
Apparently, I have made the leap from “fraud” to imposter. At least
that’s a start and I respect my opponent on his polite yet quiet
concession on the other thread. I wish to emphasize a point I tired to
make earlier. Even though I answered the question correctly, it doesn’t
really prove one way or another if I’m a time traveler and you should
not think otherwise. I might just be really quick at looking up things
up on the web.

I suppose we could debate whether or not I’m a fraud all the way up to the point I leave your worldline.

Posted by Mel Reckling on 02-14-2001 08:05 AM
Why do I keep flashing back to the Monty Python movie ” Brazil “?
The picture of those old typewriters with those hilarious screen
magnifiers just sticks in my head. Is this the world we are heading
towards where everything is so bizzarely complicated that nothing

Posted by Ernie Vega on 02-14-2001 09:05 AM Angry
Time out!
I thought the idea here was to have constructive dialogue.
Personally I don’t give a rat’s behind whether or not John is from the future.
I have enjoyed this discussion more than any I’ve been in before.
First off why the personal attacks? I’ve mentioned before that this guy
is a study in self control. He never sinks to the level of the
aggressor, some of us could learn from that.

In case somebody here has not noticed!
When was the last time you spoke with someone as intelligent and well versed in these subjects?
I hope John or whatever his name is writes a book. I’ll publish him if he wants.
The story John tells is sobering, realistic, and ENTERTAINING.
The last time I looked participation here was discretionary. If
you don’t like the subject, either question the guy, expose the guy, or
leave the guy alone. Alternatively you can learn from what he says.
I don’t understand all the personal attacks.

Let’s say that John is a “confused person” would it not be kinder to help him regain his senses, than to attack him.
Let’s say he’s writing a book. Hey John “great story” when does the book come out.
Let’s say he’s a hoaxer and really enjoys deceiving everyone and lies
all the time. Mr. Titor we have a job for you in D.C. after the
“Neanderthal” gets voted out in 4 years.

I know people who would consider John’s world a reasonable improvement over what we have today. I agree with them.
If you had to guess what John’s political affiliation was what would you say?
None of it fits does it? I have revelation for you This guy is “an American”.
As gloomy a picture as he paints, the society he describes is leaps
and bounds ahead of us in their reverence for the Constitution which as
John says we should all read.

JC has been on this guy’s case for a while now and I don’t see “Titor” insulting him or anyone else.
As to the frequency of the word “kill” in his posts. so what? it
proves nothing and if you look at all the posts that statement is

Go read some of Ed Dames’s garbage.
I’m not here to defend John I’m expressing my frustration with the
posters that derive their ego gratification by attacking others and
hitting below the belt.

By below the belt I mean “unwarranted personal attacks”
Read the rules of this BBS, you’ll see that it’s supposed to be an
open forum for “discussions from the other side of the fence” if you
want namby pamby traditional BS go to the Rush Limbaugh show, or maybe
you like born again Christian lies, Jerry Fallwell has a few books to
sell you.

To the physicists and physics enthusiasts. Let’s see your proof,
your CV, and your school transcripts. Do you want to talk about
verifiable backgrounds?

Why don’t you subject yourself to the same scrutiny that you
subject others to. Most serious physicists would be hard pressed to
come “here” of all places and “demand” empirically tested responses
from a guy who claims to be from 2036. Get a clue!

I suggest that if he is an attention monger hoaxer, he got you. He made
you get flustered and loose your sense of decorum. Your folly not his.

Before I forget. Anyone who has been on the Internet longer than 5
minutes knows that spelling errors, and grammatical errors are not
considered to be indicative of a person’s intelligence, or educational

No I will not engage in name calling on a personal basis, and I
won’t respond to flame e-mails, and I won’t be posting any more in this
thread. Some of you are childish and have a mob mentality. who wants to
discuss time travel, physics, or the time of day, with a lynch mob.

[Edited by Ernie Vega on 02-14-2001 at 09:16 AM]

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-14-2001 09:44 AM
In case somebody here has not noticed!
When was the last time you spoke with someone as intelligent and well versed in these subjects? “
Well… last time *I* personally spoke to someone about these
subjects who is as ‘well-versed’ was about 30 minutes ago when I came
from speaking to a couple of physicists upstairs. Somehow, I end up
speaking to a lot of these types of folks (physicists) – I guess it
might have something to do with the job I do for the government.

“The last time I looked participation here was discretionary. If
you don’t like the subject, either question the guy, expose the guy, or
leave the guy alone. Alternatively you can learn from what he says. I
don’t understand all the personal attacks. “

You’re right, however, I don’t think we are attacking him, we are
QUESTIONING HIM. Somehow I always see this out of liberally-biased
people, when someone is being quizzed, these liberally-biased people
complain of attacks when they (or their heros) can’t answer questions
to someone’s satisfaction. He has not answered questions to anyone’s
satisfaction thus far. He has subjected himself to our scrutiny and you
are jumping to his defense because you feel bad for him? Don’t. He put
himself in this position. He is responsible for the questions, not you.

“Let’s say that John is a “confused person” would it not be kinder
to help him regain his senses, than to attack him. Let’s say he’s
writing a book. Hey John “great story” when does the book come out. “

Not at all. John is not confused. John is also not a time traveler, but
he has a fantastic imagination. That much is true. Political
correctness is not my forte, nor do I profess that anyone use it
anymore. It is passe. Sorry. PC is thought control, and being NICE to
someone so as not to hurt their feelings is a by-gone thing, of another

“Let’s say he’s a hoaxer and really enjoys deceiving everyone and
lies all the time. Mr. Titor we have a job for you in D.C. after the
“Neanderthal” gets voted out in 4 years. “

Hmmm… now, you bring me to the point of asking you – why are you
now attacking the President of the United States? What has he to do
with any of this? Why are you calling him a Neanderthal? Because your
guy, Gore, lost the election? I’m sorry you feel that way, especially
since you seem to think we ought to be nice to John and not attack him
(even though we weren’t). You thought, more than likely, we should have
been nice to Clinton as well. I expect you to act the same way as you
expect me to act. Don’t attack the President (in particular since he
has nothing to do with this conversation).

The one thing I can agree with you that was mentioned, that I
didn’t quote here was the idea of spelling errors, grammer errors and
such. I’m certain I have spelling errors. I have almost 21 years of
hard-core “schooling” and I make serious spelling errors all the time.
That includes over 9 years of college, thoughout which, writing was one
of the most important aspects. We all make errors, in spelling…
judgement. Perhaps we could all be nicer to those of us who make
spelling errors.

However, Ernie, when one places himself up for study, as has John,
then one needs to understand that there will be questions. These are
not attacks (as your crude comments about the President of the United
States were), but questions concerning his veracity. Question yourself,
before you judge others motives. I’ve questioned MYSELF on whether I
should even consider joining this discussion. I did so based solely on
my inherit need to know about things like time travel. I asked
legitimate questions. They were ignored, then later, when I asked
others, they were skirted. John is therefore, either a liar, writer or
a man who simply doesn’t want to get caught in a circle of lies from
which he can not extract himself. That is too bad.

I really hoped it was the real thing, this time.

Posted by Kennith Viccars on 02-14-2001 09:50 AM
This is no more then a comedy sketch thread now.
Keep it coming, it’s great material.
John, you ever consider doing stand up?

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-14-2001 10:24 AM
In case anyone is interested is looking at them.

Posted by Ernie Vega on 02-14-2001 02:53 PM Red face
Touche? Rick:
I would have sent this to you personally but you won’t accept e-mails.
Your web site is unreachable. and ICQ is not an option for me. Do you
actually use ICQ from work? where there is sensitive information?

I admit it was naive indeed for me to think I could get away with my last post without being taken to task for it.
So I hereby eat my words about not posting anymore. I guess that makes me a liar also.
Why did you assume I was directing my comments to you? my
statements were not an indictment of your questions in particular. In
fact I didn’t consider “your” statements as an attack at all until you
called JT a liar.

I’m not defending Titor or his claims, he did not answer some of my
question to my satisfaction either, but I don’t take that to mean I
have license to call him a liar. Do you call everyone that doesn’t give
you a satisfactory answer a liar? if so does that really make sense?

As to scrutiny being self inflicted. I have personal experience there also.
If you care to look. I make statements on my web sites that yield
thousands of e-mails pro and con. I deal with controversial topics, I
write about them, and I market alternative energy devices. I use
physics in my work every day.

Can you explain the mechanics of creating a trans-dimensional vortex?
What would happen if you mixed equal parts 4oz each of: bronzing
powder, epoxy, and bee’s wax,and NASA grade quartz, then into it you
introduce a gold plated rod, introduce 2 coils, one on each side.
Attach a tone generator to each coil reversing the polarities.

Then attach a power supply of to each tone geneator say, 12 volts / 500 Ma. Once the epoxy sets up.
Set one generator to pulse at 18 hz and the other at 11hz and
pushed the on button? What would happen? any clue? If you could get
this to spin at say 3600 rpm what would happen then?

What would the use of pi as opposed to phi in a formula for attenuating a static EMF do to a multidimensional construct?
If you could see zero point energy what color would it be?
Is there a sub-atomic particle that requires being aknowledged before it can be measured? If so explain why?
Why does water have molecular memory? If it does, does it mean we
don’t need to use drugs anymore, and we can just charge water with a

How is homeopathic medicine prepared? do you really believe that, a
homeopath in Schenectady New York has the equipment to perform a 40
million to 1 dilution of a microgram of some substance with any degree
of accuracy?

I have my fair share of supporters and detractors regarding my life work, and political ideology.
I have been called everything you can imagine that is unpleasant,
by people that don’t know me at all. Excuse me if I take issue with
this. Notice how quickly you labeled me a liberal. Why Rick? was it
something I said? or did you make other assumptions about me? based on
my profile? or my surname?

I don’t deny anyone’s right to say what they want. In fact I’ll go
to the mat for free speech. That’s a basic right we have here in the

Your profile implies that you are a patriotic American. If so why
don’t you see what Titor is really doing. Patriotism is something near
and dear to me. My family has lost much in defense of idealism.

My family has been involved in the military, government, and diplomacy
for 900+ years, in many nations where my ancestors have lived starting
with Spain and culminating here. I take politics and politicians very
seriously, and you should also since they are the manipulators of our
society, and attempt to architect our way of thinking.

All I know about you is in your profile and your post. None of it
is enough for me to feel the need to insult you, or be condescending to
you as your post was to me. I don’t know you!

For the record.
I don’t think anyone who ran for office last november was worth a vote.
I’m not a liberal.
Gore was never “my” guy.
Clinton is no better no worse than any other politician.
If P.C. is passe why can’t I say the President is a neanderthal.
If you really like “guns, shooting” and you are interested in
democracy, you should be reading the writing on the wall, like many
other patriots.

In the not so distant future you may have to actually live up to the
Patriotic ideal that gun advocates talk about all the time, and
actually have to go out and defend the Constitution. Would you do this?
I would, against all enemies foreign and domestic. This includes the
governmet by the way.

I don’t think the enemy is “Black” or “Hispanic” or from the middle
east. If you have to fight for your country and your family during your
lifetime it will most likely be against Americans of all races.

The office of the President of the United States is the most important job on the planet.
Much depends on the President’s ability to think, and act in a decisive and clear fashion, our lives depend on it.
Although I don’t know President Bush personally, nor would I care to make his acquaintance.
It is common knowledge that in the brain department he is (let’s be
P.C. so you don’t have a partisan fit) to say the least “challenged”.
This is a matter of record not conjecture. Surely you are not going to
deny that.

What would be your guess as to Dan Quaile’s IQ?
Would you argue that point of light?
2 less than brilliant people as President, and Vice President in a
row says as much about Republicans, as the Clinton scandals, and Gore’s
ineptitude say a about the democrats.

Can you honestly state here that in the last 8 years you did not
voice any opinion about Clinton, or something personally disparaging
about him or his wife. Did you ever call Carter a coward?

Did you just start your job at the government? if you started before
the new administration why are you so quick to jump to your new boss’s
defense and so quick to indict your previous boss?

If you could, would you debate the President on internal issues? or
foreign policy? I would. According to the Constitution everyone is fair
game for scrutiny “especially” the President.

A large segment of the population has become indifferent to the actions of the FED.
We are all going to pay dearly for acting like “sheep”.
Government Phycisists do not really discuss time travel with
“System Engineers”. Unless they are just conjecturing to impress you,
and don’t really know much more than you do.

If they did they would go to jail for telling you.
Unless of course you have adequate security clearance, in which
case “you” would likely be in breech discussing it here. Moreover you
would already know the truth about time travel, so there would be no
point in seeking it here.

Working for the government does not of itself give you access to
classified information. I worked for the government in the past and all
it got me was an education in government squandering of taxpayer money.

You are a systems Engineer working for a government agency right? I have a 5 questions for you.
What happens to your budget next year if you don’t use up all of this year’s allotment?
What happens to the hardware that your agency replaces with newer models?
Have you ever performed a partisan task while on the job?
Have you ever made a political contribution to keep your job?
Have you ever used your office PC to surf the web for non work related reasons? See how easy it is to take a cheap shot.
It was government scientists that decided that Heroin addicts in
methadone programs were being descriminated against when denied work
driving Trains and buses, even piloting aircraft, or as air traffic
controllers. The rationale was that since some addicts showed
agitation, and others became lethargic, that in general Methadone does
not have a deleterious effect on concentration, and coordination. They
actually went as far as to publish that Methadone only has a placebo
effect and does not produce a high.

Going to credibility and proof? Just how much is enough for you?
If I were to tell you a story that was fantastic in nature and read
like a science fiction book. This story would relate meetings with high
ranking Military officers, DOD operatives, The CIA. It dealt with UFO,
E.T., global politics, and manipulation of the American press by
foreign operatives in cahoots with the CIA. Would you believe?

I think not.
What if you were able to verify that all of the above actually took
place by checking declassifed documents, addresses, military records,
police reports, individual personal validation by witnesses, and the
only thing you could not know for sure was what was discussed at these

Would you then believe? I doubt it, why? because the actual facts (the conversations) can’t be verified.
I have lived such a story and I know I could never prove it to anyone’s
satisfaction, yet it really happened to me, I was nearly killed. I even
have permission from the government to tell anybody I want because they
know there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that anyone (that
counts)would believe it.

I have considered fictionalizing it but it irks me to have to lie so
people will take me seriously. Since I don’t need the money, and I
don’t want to have to respond to every question posed to me,
intelligent or not, I choose to keep it to myself and my friends.

My point is that as hard as you try on this board, there is no way
you are going to find the truth (about time travel at least)you are
looking for until someone pulls up to you in a time machine and takes
you to another time.

I enjoy a good debate as much as the next guy, and Im prepared to
back up all my statements. I do however require a certain amount of
civility to enter into protracted debate, as I believe that the moment
you lose perspective, the conversation becomes moot.

I do feel that some personal attacks are valid. If a person is
harming others with his statements, and has been “proven” to be
dishonest, and malicious in intent.

Like the President for instance
I have no problem with anyone taking them on on a personal level. I do it so I would be a hypocrite to expect others not to.
Again I appeal to you to e-mail me if you want to carry this any further we are off topic now.

Posted by Heather Cattles on 02-14-2001 03:40 PM
I have to agree with Ernie in some aspects. So what if you don’t
believe he’s a true time traveller? Leave it at that. I’m always open
to ideas, I neither poo poo them nor do I automatically say their true.
I like to say I sit on a line between where I can go either way. I’m
not frowned upon because I make descisons too fast. There’s a lot in
this world we don’t know.. everything from creatures, to diseases to
even time travel.

Personally I find this thread interesting, without a lot of the
just totally putting John down. If you don’t believe him fine, leave it
at that. John, you are an interesting person and I’m here and I enjoy
seeing your replys, be it real or not. I’m just glad to see a person or
two remaining cool in this and not going towards personal attacks.

John, if you are a true time traveller, when you leave to go back to the future, give my “Hello” to the future.

Posted by Andrew Hubbard on 02-14-2001 05:13 PM
I feel my earlier questions were written without much thought. I
have read all of your posts, and although I don’t ‘believe’, I do find
what you are saying very very interesting. I would like to rephrase a
few of my questions, In hope that it may make it easier for you to
answer (feel free to just answer yes/no). I am mainly interested in the
roles/parts Australia plays (as I live here) in the war and then the
general way of life after the war. I understand you may not have much
information reguarding other countries, but I thought I would ask

1) What role does Australia play in the war? You stated elsewhere
that they repulse a Chinese invasion – Does this mean Australian
government side with your enemy? (As I think I recall you stating that
they allied with your side + Russia… Could be wrong though.)

2) Does intercontinental transportation still exist? If so, have you visited other countries?
On a more observational note, the world you describe reminds me of
the post sacked Trantor in Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series. And that makes
me smile.


Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-14-2001 07:48 PM Smile
Why do you not answer people’s questions, but only answer certain questions that they ask?
Here’s a question, why not answer Rick’s Post? He brought out some
good points, I’m sure there worth commenting on. And I’m pretty sure
lots of people here would love to hear your input on them.


Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-15-2001 01:09 AM
Well John, I imagine you are here gathering technology for the
forces of “Good” – or at least for the forces of just plain old decent
folk doing the best they know how.

Today’s news stories
“In a news report reminiscent of the days of the old USSR, Pravda
recently claimed that Pres. Bush’s National Security Adviser,
Condoleezza Rice, made belligerent comments about Russia to the
magazine El Figaro. Only problem: Rice was never interviewed with El
Figaro. Rice’s office tells most of the claims made in the
reports were fabricated.”

Any idea whose provoking this?
…and this one
“MOSCOW –– The Russian military held air exercises near Norway and
Japan on Wednesday, forcing fighter jets in both countries to scramble
and eliciting a strong protest from Japan, which said the planes
violated its airspace.

Japan’s Foreign Ministry called in a Russian diplomat to protest and
the defense agency said the Russian military planes violated Japanese
airspace twice.

“Russia has sharply increased test flights of its planes since NATO’s
campaign in Kosovo,” said Alexander Pikayev, a military analyst at the
Carnegie Endowment’s Moscow office. “The military wants to show that
it’s too early to write Russia off.”

“Whether they violated airspace of not, that’s not the key thing,” said
Pavel Felgenhauer, an independent military analyst. “They were
demonstrating the rebirth of Russia’s military might.”

Pikayev said Wednesday’s exercises may also be a response to recent
signals from Washington that Russia no longer occupies a privileged
place in U.S. foreign policy.

I got about 70-80% of your dimension ripping tutorial, BTW. Thanks

Posted by Chad Dirks on 02-15-2001 01:12 AM
Hrm, Mr. Titor, I do not believe anything that you have said, nor do I believe that you are in any manner what you claim to be.
…you are of course, welcome to hold the same opinion of myself, but
since this does appear to be a forum for discussion, I shall try to
lend what I can, yes?

(Please forgive my lacking grammar, and by all means, don’t feel forced to read or respond, this is quite lengthy.)
1. You have claimed several times that you will not participate in
assisting anyone to get out of ‘death by probability’. Yet any number
of the things that you have said could have already caused an
individual to do or not do something that will now result in them
either dying, or escaping death an otherwise fated death.

It does not matter whether or not everyone believes you. For every
statement made there are people who believe you, and there are people
changing their living patterns in response to those beliefs. There is
no way for you know there is no future world leader reading this and

2. You claim that you have no interest in proving to us that you
are a time-traveller. To hear you take such a stance is laughable. Look
at what a show you have put on here. Instead you tell us that you only
wish us to make us aware of time-travel as a possiblity (see #1 again),
or that you only wish to observe us and speak of cultural and religious
issues, something interesting to a historian.

You came and posted on this site with one intention that was clear
as of your first post: to make us believe that you are a
time-traveller. You have continued this thread for that purpose alone,
and I find everything you have done supports this.

As far as wishing to speak of issues regarding our humanity, or
culture, it is quite clear that this is not your intention (contrary to
what you insist). If you truly wished to do this your first line would
not have been, ‘I am a time-traveller’. If you truly wished to do this
you would not have continued this thread once you realized that line
would not serve your claimed goals.

You certainly did not expect to examine our humanity or culture by
first telling us that we would be disucussing it with a time-traveller.
The entirety of this thread has been: you developing your story.

This thread that you have continued to participate in has gone
entirely counter to your claimed goals, and it is obvious that you are
knowingl fueling it in that direction.

3. “5100 I have now required a couple of special “tweaks” that had to be done by one of the software engineers in 1975″
“We need something portable. The 5100 isn’t required for its
reliability, its needed to translate between APL, UNIX and a few
obscure IBM mainframe languages.”

I find it very difficult to belive that a software tweak (hence
‘software engineers’, -software-) done to a 1975 machine could cause it
to do this translation more effectively or more portably than something
around even today. I find it almost impossible to believe that a tweak
done by a ‘software engineer’ in 1975 could provide for you something
that you could find at no other place between now and ‘your time’, and
certainly without having to make a stop-over in our time to get back
that far.

Furthermore, I find the notion that one of a limited number of
time-machines would be used in this manner to be nothing short of
nonsensical. There are more effective ways to accomplish what you claim
in this regard.

4. I have, and continue to believe Dr. Hawking’s view in regards to
the possibility of time travel if indeed the model of time is what you
have suggested, that all possibilities occur in different time-lines,
in different universes is the way that time truly is. For this reason
alone I cannot accept you. It is entirely logical, and I have seen no
good case to counter it.

You claim that you have no desire to prove your story to us, yet
everything you have done from the moment you first posted here has
flown in the face of that. As I mentioned before, your desire is so
strong that you have even appeared to become heated in manner in
reaction to your validity being questioned.

What is more, you bring with you the claim that you will tell us no
names, no locations, or any specifics as a result of your supposed
ethics. If those were indeed the ethics you were committed to and
reasoned with, you would not be here now.

However, I do commend you on engineering your story, as by its very nature we cannot prove it false.
[I realize that I am only feeding this frenzy, but that speaks for
what it is and what Mr. Titor has indeed accomplished, it is effective
in provoking a response, but then again, so is stepping on a rusty

Mr. Titor:
I visit with a pink unicorn in the garden behind my house at night
and it talks to me. I would show it to you but it only comes out when I
am alone. Any attempts to trick it to do otherwise would be
unsuccessful, but you are certainly welcome to try and prove what I say

[Edited by Chad Dirks on 02-15-2001 at 01:34 AM]

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