Postagens Originais do John Titor (Parte 14)

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-25-2001 01:36 AM

Since you have appointed your self as John’s personal
representative. Perhaps you can assist in shading some light into who
he real is. Tell us, is he fearful of what he has done and how things
have turned out here in these message boards? Notice how silent he’s
gotten, and only answering specific questions.

What’s your opinion on that?
Oh yeah, busy archiving, but still able to read these posts and post when convenient.
Do you personally think he’s for real? I can understand if you wish not
to tell me. I respect you for keeping it a secret, if he asked you not
to tell.

Either way, I will still keep asking John questions, and others will
too. Until… well I don’t want to break it to you, how will you feel if
he is exposed as a fraud? I know you believe into his story quite a
bit, I’d hate for you to feel betrayed and deceived by him. It’s a
terrible feeling, trust me. I once had a friend who I thought I could
trust, until I found out the truth.

Well I hope this doesn’t upset you. I understand that people are
always going to be looking for answers. But they shouldn’t take short
cuts in finding them (i.e. Time Travel). And everyone is always going
to need someone to look up to and to acknowledge. But John here, has a
secret agenda, and is being praised like a God. Now doesn’t that just
strike you as wrong? It does to me.

Javier C.

Posted by John Titor on 02-25-2001 07:31 AM
((John, do they have anything to do with the “future” of time travel, as YOU know it?))
There are numerous people and organizations that contribute to the
practical application of physical time travel. I think you would be
surprised how much real work is being done right now.

((About video taping the departure… Let us assume you do this,
and your agents (family?) in Florida send the tape to the Sci Fi
channel, or to Art Bell… how would this affect you in the future?))

It wouldn’t affect me on my home worldline in the least. I would
only be concerned how it would affect the “me” here. Of course it may
be a large part of my secret agenda and I have no choice but to do it

((Theoretically speaking, I doubt that anyone could determine that
you actually time traveled, but it would certainly make a very good

I wonder what it would have been like to see a plane break the sound barrier before the jet engine was invented?
((You said that there will be a big war right? And that Russia will
nuke some of our major cities, right? Can you at least tell us which
cities will be nuked?))

No I won’t do that. However, I submit to you that when the moment
comes it will be absolutely plain as day that you are unsafe in the
cities. The millions people that stay will choose to stay. That’s what
comes as a surprise.

((Are we traveling in space in 2036?))
Not yet but they are working on it.
((Has first contact with an alien race occurred?))
Not that I’m aware of.

Posted by John Titor on 02-25-2001 08:00 AM
((1) You say your machine has roughly a 60 year limit. Is it possible to go back 60 years and then another 60 years? ))
Yes, that is possible but the divergence grows exponentially as you
move farther away from your worldline of origin. I could make 50-year
jumps to go back and see what the world looked like 2000 years ago but
there is a strong chance it would look nothing like what I expect.
There are larger distortion units that are more accurate and have a
larger window.

((2) Have the people of your time proved the “worldline theory?” If
they have, is there any information you can share with is that proves

The Many Worlds theory seems to wrap up very nicely into current
string theory. Unfortunately, we have not solved string theory yet
either but (n-10) seems to be the best working model we have in 2036.
As you are probably aware, the “big equation” does not need the final
solution in order to take advantage of the smaller parts that do work
in the real world.

((3) Ever hear the story of Oedipus? To make a long sotry short, after
being told he will kill his father and marry his mother he moves far
away. On the road he accidentally killed his father and ended up
marrying his mother. Thus, the prophecy is what caused him to fulfill
it. You say you don’t want to effect anything too much by giving out
information, but you could drastically change this worldline just by
talking about the war, or anything for that matter.))

I see your point but do you think Oedipus would not have taken
those actions if he didn’t know the prophecy? I don’t believe that
knowing a possible future makes it happen. You are capable of changing
your worldline for the better right now. None of the things I have said
will be a surprise. They were set in motion ten, twenty, even thirty
years ago. Are you really surprised to find out that Iraq has nukes now
or is that just BS to whip everyone up into accepting the next war?

((If you’re interested in posting some more photos and (pending
your decision) the video of your departure, I would be happy to display
them on my site. I’ve only got 5 meg storage, but I’m not using it at
the moment.))

I appreciate that. It looks like the previous issue has straightened itself out.

Posted by James Dvorak on 02-25-2001 01:00 PM Exclamation
i cant spell too good, hehe. But someone asked john about AIDS and
cancer in 2036 and he said no cure for aids, and Cancer that there was
some progress. but havent you been listening to art bell lately John???
we are on the literal brink of finding cures, even if its not this
year, we will still find cure in under 30 years. I also find it hard to
believe that our planet would want to do time travel and than let
anyone use it??? But youlll probbably say you are government or
something. Dont you think government would be more concerned with
getting other things taken care of than A time machine??? why you need
an old ass computer from the 70s anyway????Im sorry you might be an
actuall time traveler but no way in hell do i believe you without any
proof. Heres a question maybe you can answer without “upseting ” the
time line… There was a show on Fox very recently presenting evidence
that we didnt land on the moon, I really believe this beccause of
evidence presented, now this wont prove to me that you are TmTrvlr, but
Just tell me if we actually did or not. I really was hoping we would
have found a way to live on other planets by 2036, also how about
flying cars. you should know what GINGER “is”, you knew it was some
kind of mobile personal transit system, but you dont know exacts???
open minds people, open minds (dont trust this one!)

Posted by John Titor on 02-25-2001 03:54 PM
((John Titor ,i posted to you before and would like to let you know
that i would love to come along for the ride to the future if you need
a sidekick,i am able to fly hot air balloons,a good shot,physically
strong and quick,smart on my feet in case a odd event occurs and I
would not mind leaving this time to go to yours.))

I appreciate the offer but I’m not sure you would like the year 2036.
((There have been many movements in music…rock, disco, and hip
hop are some of them. Though most people probably can’t rifle out names
of musical groups from 35 years ago, they probably would have a basic
awareness of what musical influences prevailed at the time. So my
question is…what is the NEXT big movement in music that will take
place here in the US, specifically?))

I appreciate your frustration and quite a few people have asked me
questions like this. The expected answer is that I don’t want to break
my personal code of “time travel ethics”. The real answer is, I just
don’t know. I was not prepared for the year 2001, I was prepared for
1975. I don’t suppose it would be very impressive if I told you Disco
would be big until 1980.

((Am I getting this right? You load up all the people who want to go with you in the back of your Chevy pickup…))
Actually, the requests were rhetorical. No one is going back with me.
((…drive from Florida to Minnesota. Sell that truck in Minnesota, buy another truck older than 1975…)
Doesn’t have to be a truck but I get your point.
((…load everyone back in that truck, drive back to Florida and then
depart back to the future. Sounds like it will be quite a sight to
behold. If you can, swing by Ohio and give me a honk. Your welcome to
stay at my place. ))

Thanks. One thing I do find interesting about time travel tech is
the expectation that we can pretty much go anywhere at anytime. These
systems are quite complicated and they do have limitations. Are you
going to be around in 1975?

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-25-2001 05:38 PM
I find it interesting how now, after all the deliberation of
attempting to convince others of your story, you are now backing out.

Did someone here do it for you?
In the last few replies, you commented on not wanting to break your
code of ethics. But as we have seen now for the past few months with
you is that you have broken ethics to go out of your way of proving to
us what you are.

Here is a sample of what was just said:
((The expected answer is that I don’t want to break my personal
code of “time travel ethics”. The real answer is, I just don’t know. I
was not prepared for the year 2001, I was prepared for 1975. I don’t
suppose it would be very impressive if I told you Disco would be big
until 1980.))

That above example not just shows how irresponsible you are, but
how ignorant as a Time Traveler you are as well: “I just don’t know. I
was not prepared for the year 2001.” Good choice, 2036.

And here, we see you backing out of a jam, with something like:
((Actually, the requests were rhetorical. No one is going back with me.))
Nice revision to your story, but you lied to everyone. Some people actually took your request seriously.
What, no public apology?
Don’t you feel that you done a bad thing, making people believe you, only to tell them it’s not true?
You mentioned you would take people back with you on more then one
occasions. Did people think you sounded serious? YES. Did people
believe you, YES.

Think about that…
Javier C.
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Posted by James R.Quayle III on 02-25-2001 10:41 PM Thumbs up
It’s not that one believes one truth,It is more like i leave my
options open and I have learned from my experiences that anything can
happen,but that is my life,not yours,I bet John is from
somewhenelse,time to me is just like a distance to get to,sometimes we
find a ride to where we never thought we were going,and when offered a
chance to time travel why not?Peace to you javier and John
Titor,James,And JOhn Titor I would like it in 2036,because if you knew
of my life experiences ,anywhere ON earth is good,and I bet it can’t be
all that bad?Simplicity is good i was a good boy scout who can camp,and
hike forever.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-26-2001 01:42 AM
You said:
((It’s not that one believes one truth,It is more like i leave my
options open and I have learned from my experiences that anything can

You responds in the beginning is neutral to either side. But
towards the end you clearly contradict your self and side with John.
Talk about not wanting to believe one truth.

Still waiting for you to answer John, and Pamela.
Javier C.
P.S. I meant no disrespect to you James, I just felt obligated to point out the truth, as what I am doing questioning John.
Btw, what kind of experiences have you had? If you don’t mind taking about them.
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Posted by Angel Lynnn on 02-26-2001 04:14 AM Question
Hello, John.
Can you tell us if reverse speech is used in the future for business or even pleasure?
Also, can you talk about earthquakes in California or Nevada?
Thanks, John, for starting this topic and sharing your time with us. We are really enjoying it and you!
Angel Lynnn

Posted by Mel Reckling on 02-26-2001 08:13 AM
I will be around in 1975, I guess. That would be a very good year
to miss for me. I do have a 1972 Porsche, but it hasn’t been started in
15 years. Maybe if I could go back to 1985 when I last drove it I could
do a few things different, not just with that car, but maybe buy some
of that Microsoft stock.

Posted by Randy Empey on 02-26-2001 08:20 AM
I think the strongest arguement for time travel not being easy or possible at all is the greed factor.
Warping time and space takes lots of energy . .. making finding out if
or how TT works hard . . . is this because of some accidental way the
universe turned out, or is it a fundamental law written in by the

Any thoughts on that side of things, John T. or Javier?

Posted by Luis Gonzalez on 02-26-2001 09:16 AM Arrow
I would like to speak to you in private. Please email me at the following address

Posted by John Titor on 02-26-2001 03:39 PM
((Better then being a fanatic, who believes in people so blindly.))
fa.nat.ic (n.) A person possessed by an excessive zeal for an uncritical attachment to a cause or position.
((Hello John I was wondering if you could respond to my post, I was serious…))
If I didn’t get to something, please feel free to ask again. I’m
going in order of the postings and trying to get to everything that
seems worthwhile and/or productive.

((Many people asking about the dangers of the war are asking about
cities being nuked. During school today I was thinking about this, and
nuclear warfare doesn’t seem to be the biggest form of fighting in the

Nuclear war will be very effective at destroying an enemy’s economy and the people’s will to fight.
((Other than the small countries, I doubt nuclear warheads are going to be shot from each end of the globe.))
I would caution against that. That’s exactly what “they” want you
to think while they continue to develop smaller and more accurate
MIRV’s. Have you ever seen a neutron bomb the size of a basketball?

(( John, you say one of the hardest things to do in 2036 is find
clean water. You also say you only trust food you’ve grown. Is any of
this a result of your experiences with biological warfare? Is
biological warfare a major threat in this war you speak of?))

Yes and no. Yes, biological warfare and accidents do cause a great
deal of problems but the lack of a working infrastructure also hinders
the continuation of the food manufacturing you depend on now.

((This is definitely the least serious of my questions, but is
there anymore background information you can give (What city you were
born in, etc)? I understand if you can’t but after this thread is over
I may get a little bored and see if I can find any information on the
John Titor of “today,” assuming that’s your real name. ))

Once I leave, I would not want any attention to come to my family here.
((I’m guessing the date of your return to the future is April 19th. Is this correct?))
That is a day to remember but I was thinking more along the lines of March 21.
((My mention of Joseph Campbell was a rebuttal to someone who
claimed that your General story was un-original. In fact the most
likely leader of a movement like the one you describe would most likely
be a Farmer since being a Farmer would provide much of the scenario

Throughout history, farmers have often been a target of oppression
because they are absolutely necessary to civilization but too busy to
defend themselves. If you push a farmer too far, they stop growing food
and have nothing to do but hide in the woods and shoot back.

((My asking you if the mention of CERN going on-line and
discovering this and that, was a prediction was a genuine question
completely un-related to “making a Buck”. I wondered if it was just a
hint you were giving as to something that could be verified after the
fact with little chance of you mentioning it having an effect on it.))

Please do not be offended by my “making a buck” remark. I say it
with a wink to help other people form their questions. Yes, some very
interesting things will be going on at CERN in the near future.

((For me what is interesting is the type of questions that are
being asked, and the apparent hostility that someone like you can be
subjected to for no “good” reason.))

Yes, I find that interesting too. Sometimes I wonder what people
are really angry about and I have come to the conclusion that
frustration is better directed at the messenger. But then again, that’s

((I’m sure even in 2036 there is a tendency to tease one’s detractors if they make themselves available.))
I have no intention of teasing anyone but I do grow tired of the
same cycle over and over again. Eventually, the people who do not like
me or what I have to say (real or not) will win. I will either leave or
grow tired of answering the same questions.

((John is “playing you” Javier. It’s an old trick, if your most
vociferous detractor continually puts on weak attacks; it takes
attention away from the really challenging questions.))

Again, please do not confuse my inability to answer the same
questions over and over with a desire to make someone upset. I gain
nothing by angering Javier or making him look foolish.

((He knows “make a buck” and “more power to you”, and “off the cuff”.
He is unaware or dislikes “buy in” or “buy that”
Does that prove anything? not really. Given enough text you can profile him and make a good guess.))
II know my English isn’t perfect but I blame my parents for most of
the phrases I pick up (wink). It’s different sometimes seeing them in
print than hearing them. It took me quite a while to shake off “sock it
to me baby”. “Cool” seems to be the longest lived phrase I’ve heard so
far and “peace” seems to be making a comeback.

((What 82 page book written in England in 1884 is required reading
for all physics students? I admit it’s possible you may not know in
2036, but highly unlikely. The same reason that makes it so important
for physics students would make it just as important to understanding
Time travel. Secondly why is this little book so important. If he
doesn’t know this it lends more circumstantial evidence to your side.
But he could ask someone and then how do you prove that?))

Well, I’m pretty sure it’s not the Principia and it looks more like
something to do with Maxwell but to make your point, I did find this.
Just about anything can be looked up.
((How about this? Let John make a recording of himself saying he is
from the future and whatever other part of his story he wants. We could
submit that to voice stress analysis. Is that enough? no again, since a
well trained person can beat a voice stress analysis by using
self-hypnosis or having someone hypnotize them prior to recording.
Again no proof.))

I’ve heard a tack in the shoe works. It throws off the baseline “no
stress” readings. Also, if you speak slowly enough, you can beat those

Posted by James R.Quayle III on 02-26-2001 04:42 PM Thumbs up
John Titor,what if something happens to your device to get back,let
us say inoperable,would you then change the world by announcing
warnings,and also what if you got a flat tire inbetwwen times would you
have to pull over to fix it in a wrong time?

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-26-2001 04:47 PM
I congradulate you on your restraint and good humor in responding to
some of the posters who are as tireless as an old turntable in playing
the same old song. (I include myself in this group as I know I keep
asking you specific questions regarding safe ground during the possible
trouble ahead). I still have some questions you have not responded to
but hate to ask again in the event you do not wish to respond or just
have not made your way to them yet. Could you let me know which? I will
wait to hit you with more until I know the status.

If any of you missed Dr. David Anderson on Art’s show you should go
to the archives and listen. It is about time distortion going on in New

Kind regards,

Posted by Brad Brown on 02-26-2001 05:31 PM
John I’m courious. You’ve expressed a want to experience the world
as it was. However you seem to spend a great amount of time talking
about TT. Why aren’t you traveling and telling us about your latest
trip to the pyramids instead of talking about specifics you should be
bored from in your awarness to them? Are the Great Pryamids still
standing in 2036? If you wish to experience society as it was,
admitting yourself to be a time traverler is counter-productive. How’s
communication around the world in 2036. Do you still have literature
widely available? What’s the latest book you’ve read that you were only
able to hear about in your own time? Is new literature aslo so
available? Is the english language begining to segment into sects and
accents with less influence from trourists? Or is tourism still strong
and thriving in 2036. You wanted questions not in relation to stock,
here you go.

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