Postagens Originais do John Titor (Parte 10)

Posted by John Titor on 02-19-2001 01:14 PM

((I believe that faith AND good works will get one to God. There are
other things, but they can arguably be included under the headings of
‘faith’ and ‘good works’.
I believe there is an organized force of evil that works against God’s
plan for men’s souls. It’s all part of the plan. Your next question may
be “Why do you believe that?” ))

Please don’t think me so cynical. I would never insult or degrade
someone’s religious views. My next questions would be “what about
knowledge?” I am a firm believer that faith (and good works) is not
enough to get to God. There is a mystery we must solve first.

((I vaguely remember you mentioned being religious . . . am I
remembering straight? (I’ll look over the past posts of course, but
reiteration doesn’t hurt.) How would you answer your own questions?))

Yes, I believe in organized evil. It would sure be easier to carry
out an “evil” plan if no one beloved you existed. Just curious, can
anyone tell me what “Satan” really means?

Had to answer those quickly. I have nothing but open-mindedness for
religious conversation and I look forward to more. I’ll get to the
other questions soon.


Posted by Ernie Vega on 02-19-2001 02:45 PM Wink
Hi John:
Best I could find is from the Hebrew Ha-Satan, or “the Adversary.”
First, let’s examine what the Bible reveals about the origin of Satan and the demons.
EZEKIEL 28:12 “Son of man, take up a lamentation for the king of
Tyre, and say to him, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD: “You were the seal of
perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. 13 You were in Eden,
the garden of God; every precious stone was your covering: The sardius,
topaz, and diamond, beryl, onyx, and jasper, sapphire, turquoise, and
emerald with gold. The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was
prepared for you on the day you were created. 14 You were the anointed
cherub who covers; I established you; you were on the holy mountain of
God; you walked back and forth in the midst of fiery stones. 15 You
were perfect in your ways from the day you were created, till iniquity
was found in you. 16 By the abundance of your trading [rekullatek] you
became filled with violence within, and you sinned; therefore I cast
you as a profane thing out of the mountain of God; and I destroyed you,
O covering cherub, from the midst of the fiery stones. 17 Your heart
was lifted up because of your beauty; you corrupted your wisdom for the
sake of your splendor . . .” (NKJV)
REVELATION 12:3 And another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great,
fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on
his heads. 4 His tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw
them to the earth. . . . (NKJV)
LUKE 10:17 Then the seventy returned with joy, saying, “Lord, even the
demons are subject to us in Your name.” 18 And He said to them, “I saw
Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” (NKJV)
From the preceding Scriptures, we can learn several things about Satan
and the fallen angels. In the beginning, this “anointed cherub” was
created as a wise, beautiful, and powerful angel. He apparently was one
of the two cherubs who cover the mercy seat (God’s throne) with their
wings (see Heb. 8:5; 9:5, 23-24; Exo. 25:20; 37:9; I Kin. 6:19-28;
8:6-7; I Chr. 28:18; II Chr.3:10-13; 5:7-8). However, because of pride
in his beauty, this cherub’s wisdom was corrupted.

Satan is symbolically called the “king of Tyre” (Eze. 28:12). The
coastal city-state of Tyre was one of the world’s greatest traders
during Israel’s monarch period. Isaiah calls Tyre “the bestower of
crowns, whose merchants were princes, whose traders were the honored of
the earth” (Isa. 23:8).

Although the Scriptures don’t define the trade Satan was engaged in, it
clearly tells us that because of the abundance of his trade, he sinned.
Possibly Satan implemented a system of competition rather than
cooperation, which eventually filled him with violence, causing his

The word rendered “trading” in the NKJV translation of Ezekiel 28:16 is
a form of the Hebrew noun rekulla, which means “traffic” or
“merchandise.” This particular form of rekulla is only found five
times, all in Ezekiel (Eze. 26:12; 27:20, 23; 28:16, 18).

However, rekulla is derived from the root word rakal. It’s relevant
to note that a closely-related derivative, rakil, means “slanderer.”
It’s used in this context six times (Lev. 19:16; Jer. 6:28; 9:4; Eze.
22:9; Pro. 11:13; 20:19). The account of Satan in Ezekiel 28 could well
involve aspects of both these meanings. In the New Testament, this
fallen angel is often called the “devil,” or the diabolos in the Greek
(Matt. 4:1, 5, 8, 11; 13:39; 25:41; Luke 4:2, 3, 6, 13; 8:12; John
8:44; 13:2; Acts 10:38; 13:10; Eph. 4:27; 6:11; I Tim. 3:6, 7; II Tim.
2:26; Heb. 2:14; Jam. 4:27; I Pet. 5:8; I John 3:8, 10; Jude 9; Rev.
2:10; 12:9, 12; 20:2, 10). Not coincidentally, the literal meaning of
diabolos and its variations is “slanderer.”

It’s possible that through his “slander” and “gossip,” Satan turned
one-third of the angelic host against God. We know that Satan tried
this approach in the Garden of Eden, when he misrepresented God’s
motives to Eve (Gen. 3:1-5). The angelic forces loyal to God eventually
had to cast this “anointed cherub,” along with his allies, out of
heaven. From that point forward he became known in Hebrew as Ha-Satan,
or “the Adversary.”

There is more e-mail me if anyone wants the rest

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-19-2001 03:25 PM Smile
I’m still waiting for you to respond to my questions TT_0. After all, I did put HJYABJ 100 at the end of my post.
-Javier C.
P.S. Now it’s no longer an excuse of not being able to log on. We await your respond.

Posted by Simon Wiggins on 02-19-2001 03:32 PM
>>The only problem is, now you have to trust the person who brings the information forward.
Why if I had a glove sir !!!
Of course you could trust Art to fess up if you were right!
You must be from a very dystopian future to be so cynical

Posted by Nikki Colwill on 02-19-2001 04:57 PM
I just gotta say this is some of the best reading entertainment I have had in a LONG time!!!

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-19-2001 06:10 PM Smile
Hi everybody. wow! this is a very interesting forum.
for any body wanting to see what a IBM 5100 portable computer looks like they can see one here:
you will have to type it in I guess direct links are not allowed. ((
I am hoping this shows up ok and does not offend the moderators.
It is on the other board but I was not sure if the link to the other board was still on here.
Anyway it looks like a very interesting piece of machinery.
It will give you a better idea on the machine John is talking about
that he went back to 1975 to get. how big it is and what it looks like.


Posted by Lola Montez on 02-19-2001 07:21 PM
To John,
I hope you will get to some of my previous questions, in the meantime I have more.
Why are orphans an issue? It seems war orphans would be pretty old by now.
What is your biggest or gravest environmental issue?
Does distillation remove radioactivity from water?
Do people still watch TV?
Are there any women on your travel team? What is the status of
women in your time? (This may only be able to be answered by a woman)Do
they hold office? Work outside the home? Get equal pay? Are they safe
on the streets at night?

What do women wear for the most part?
Are the Amish alive and well?
What is the birth rate?
Is there an unusual rate of birth defects and if so what kind?
Maybe you should be taking back healthy sperm and eggs.
You said that your culture was centered around the Universities.
Weren’t they wiped out in the war? They are in cities after all.

Do you use cell phones? Eat allot of red meat? Drive cars?
Are airlines in operation? Internationally?
Are people pressured (subtle or otherwise) to adhere to a Christian doctrine?
Do police make drug busts? Are there many jails? What kind of criminals are in them?
What kind of public punishment is there? Sounds like New England during religious persecution and intolerance.
Are there Wholistic healers? Herbal medicines? Alternative life styles?
Is there personal freedom?
Is there an IRS and a need to keep a lot of receipts and paperwork around to justify yourself?
Is the same type of currency used? Is ours today good in say 2010 or 2020?
Other than time travel how do most people get around the country? Do people tend to travel much?
Are people suspicious of strangers or all you one big happy family now?
How do most people die during the war? Radiation, starvation? bullet wounds?
I have more but I better quit to see if you will get to these and don’t forget my first posting, please.

Posted by John Titor on 02-19-2001 07:25 PM
Through trial and error, and although they are quite heavy, hot and
capable of putting out a great deal of energy (300 – 500 megawatts),
it’s discovered that these microsingularities can be electrified and
captured. It is also interesting to note at this point that electrified
singularities also have two event horizons. By spinning these various
microsingularities, a localized Kerr field is created.

It looks like a prediction. Is it.))
If you can take that paragraph and find a way to make a dollar from it than more power to you.
((i would first like to state that i for one have never said you’re
an idiot – i said you are aggravating. which is not really a personal
problem w/yourself it is just how i perceive you to be. an adjective -
not a noun.))

Point taken. I apologize.
((so that’s what this is all about? you come here & want us to
“help” you by asking questions.. so you can figure out how -we-
percieve things & why we think the way we do but you do not
recipricate the efforts. you only discuss things that you care about or
that -you- think are important or that -you- think you will “gain”
something from. seems rather -one-sided- to me.))

I was hoping it wouldn’t be so confrontational. I don’t see how words can harm either one of us.
((so you return home w/a better understanding while we’re left here
w/the same questions we had before? it doesn’t seem very beneficial to
-us-..just to -you- (atleast from your statements)).

You must believe that we both have interesting things to say to each other. Isn’t that worth it all by itself?
((What state do you live in now in 2001?))
I am in Florida.
((Is John Titor your real name?))
Yes, John Titor is a real name.
((What do you look like? Post a picture of your self. ))
((What is your secret agenda?))
If I tell you, it would just be an agenda, which I’m sure, is much less interesting.
((Is this dialogue between people in these posts part of your secret agenda?))
If I had a secret agenda, talking to people would not be part of it.
((Does your younger self realize what you are?))
Yes, he is aware that I exist but he doesn’t know who I am.
((Are you married?))
No but I did have a chance to convince myself otherwise.
((What rank were you in the Army?))
It is the equivalent of Major.
((Where did you go to BCT?))
I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to basic. We were fighting a war at the time.
((What company were you with, and what year did you graduate from BCT?))
The organization of the fighting unit I was in fell under the militia. We fought against the organized army.
((You have any fears? If so, what are they?))
I fear people who want others to take action based on their own emotions and irrational fears.
((What are the rules for fraternizing with people who aren’t from your time; do you make friends easily here in 2001?))
Have common sense and get your job done. Yes, I have friends.
((What would the DOD do to you if they found you out?))
I’m sure I would end up in one of their nice little padded cells
while they poked at my machine with a screwdriver. What do you think
they would do?

((What would you do if someone attempted to investigate you?
Hundreds of people go through these forums a day I’m sure. Some of
which can be government. Aren’t you at all worried that it’s only a
matter of time before you are found out?))

I don’t worry about that very much. No one believes me anyway. Right?
((And you said; “I very much want to discuss our cultures but
please help me understand how you won’t be able to change something I
tell you happened on my worldine.” ))

Suppose I told you the space shuttle would have a problem landing
at Kennedy tomorrow because something goes wrong with the runway. If
someone with the authority to do so hears that and makes the decision
to land at Edwards…bingo, your future has changed from my past.

((I appreciate you answering these questions for me John, and thank you for calling me your friend.))
I’d really like to believe that
((I want you to understand something – since you’re using our
discussions to make a determination of our thinking for when you go

I am not qualified to judge you. I merely said it would be a subject of discussion when I return.
((However, rest assured, if I went to the security office and said,
“I have access to a time traveler” I’d get laughed at. I’d have to get
in touch with the “right people” to “report” the incident, and even
then the skeptics would over rule the “believers”.))

If that were not the case, I would not be posting at all.
((The US government… Russian or any other, would be in the same
boat. They would, if they could believe it, GRAB and hold time
travelers – checking the veracity of their stories and preventing them
from having any interaction with anyone.))

Yes, that’s what I think too. The irony is, I’m not sure the
machine will really do anything for them and all I can give them is
stock quotes and sports news. (Just a little humor.)

((So – John, my comments about being fraudulent – please don’t take
them seriously and please do not think I have anything against you
personally, nor wish to discredit you. I only want the honest truth.))

I don’t. Truth is something we all want. Like opportunity, its something you have to be ready for to recognize it.
((John, what would it take to get you to stick around after spring and leave during the next window of opportunity?))
My parents are much better at cards than I am. I fear they may not
let me leave in such debt. If I had all the time I needed, I would
spend much more time downloading and archiving.

((I fear that another month or 2 may not be enough time to get as much said and discussed as I would like to have.))
I will continue to answer the posts as long as I can.
((In your “world time” have things like “Saquatch” , “Loch Ness
monster”, and other reported unusual animals been seen, or captured or
explained away. ))

We have our swamp monsters too. In fact, I think it’s interesting
that we all respond to the unknown the same way regardless of our
cultural experiences.

((Is remote viewing used to gather military intelligence?))
I am only aware of it from this worldline. I don’t know otherwise.
((Are psychics still common? are they used by the government?))
Yes, psychics exist but I don’t have any knowledge of their use by the military.
((Is there a Police Dept as we know it. Have any of your top leaders or politicians been jailed or impeached?))
Yes, we have police but they are organized in smaller groups. Yes,
we still have political and religious leaders who find it difficult to
obey the law. I would submit to you that the law is only as good as the
people’s willingness to apply it evenly and swiftly.

((John, any chance of getting a better set of photos with more of the manual?. ))
Yes, I am pondering posting more of the manual. I am also
considering having my departure videotaped and yes, it will be free. My
only concern is how it might affect the “me” on this worldline.

((John please respond to my question as to “the prediction” did I jump the Gun? (get ahead of myself).)
I’ll have to go back and take a second look. Post again and remind me.
((One final question? Is there a Global Superpower state and what nation is it.))
Being a superpower only makes you a target. There is an uneasy
balance in the world now that everyone “probably” has nukes, chems or
bios. We don’t just bomb people for the hell of it anymore. Military
power is based on the number of autonomous fighting men who are
actually willing to fight.

((I guess you are held accountable, in some way, for changes that occur in your time period..))
You’re pretty much correct about your statement but actually, nothing I
do here will affect my home. I hold myself accountable for any damage I

((It seems to me that with the cities under such stresses, people
would flock in large numbers to remote areas like Winnipeg (sorry guys)
or some other region with plenty of clean water, air and soil. Why is
this such a nelected fix? I would also imagine that the network of
Intentional Communities (communes?) that took root over the years,
would provide infrastructural support to a nation needing to find its
“FOXFIRE” roots.))

In my opinion, people “now” take clean water, electricity and their
feeling of safety for granted. If they leave the city in search of
fresh water they first have to make the realization that fresh water is
a problem. It’s much easier to demand someone else owes you fresh water
than it is to leave the lifestyle that made it bad in the first place.

((If I was transposed to the 1920′s or 30′s, you would have a hard time
keeping me off the streets, out of public places, shops, concert halls,
etc. just trying to take it all in. Ditto with just about any other
time and place.))

I agree with you. The first time I walked into a “superstore” I cried. I’d never seen so much excess in one place at one time.
((It is interesting to note that the photos posted on that other
site were posted by an “anonomyous time traveler” some time back. It
fits the exact description John has give us of his machine. Therefore,
based on his discription alone, I would say he is the one that posted
the pictures. If he didn’t post them, then he is using them for the
basis of his story.))

Those are mine. They were posted by another person who I’m sure is reading this also and would be happy to confirm that.
((John – in looking closely at this device, I see there is a hand
control unit – with some sort of screen on it. I assume this is the
computer interface through which the device is programmed (or time
settings are made). Is that an accurate assumption? What does the
display show you (for instance, does it simply show things like
time/date calculations, or radiation [probably wrong word] of the
fields from the device?))

Yes, that is a remote unit. The unit itself gets hot and
“unapproachable” during long travel and you’re usually subjected to
about 2 G’s. It gets a little difficult to move around and the hand
held unit sits next to you. The unit displays many things but time in
transit, time to destination, VGL variance and unit temperature are the
most common during travel.

((Also, there are 16 apparent buttons. I have to assume further
that these are multifunction keys (that is you press one for an
alt/control function and other buttons have names or labels and perhaps
even numerical meanings). Is that also accurate?))

Yes, the menus are screen driven.

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