Postagens Originais do John Titor (Parte 15)

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-26-2001 07:01 PM

Just 1 sentence is all I get for waiting for another 5 days? Even then,
it’s nothing more then some discombobulated definition in your own
words. What dictionary did you use? Is it the dictionary you learned
English in, in the future ?

Try Oxford next time.
Why don’t you give it up John, you know this little experiment of yours
went more out of hand then you wanted it to go. Now look at you, you’re
attempting to lay-low until your window of opportunity to leave… Am I

Try answering this, instead of something that was said almost 2 weeks ago.
I’m sure lots of people would like to hear you explaining your self. After all, I did expose some of your lies.
But then again, there are those here who are “fanatic” about your
cause that they still believe your from the future. Quite sad isn’t it?

What do you say to something like that? Look at all these people,
completely taking your word for it. Doesn’t that just do something for
you? You can answer too Pamela if you wish.

-Javier C.

Posted by John Titor on 02-26-2001 09:07 PM
((IS your sense of “timing” off, in new time environments? I’ve
heard people who have “out-of-body-experiences” find that it sometimes
takes a day or two to regain a sense of normalcy in their minute
interactions with the physical world.))

No, my timing isn’t off. I do however find myself stoping in
mid-stride and paying extra attention to my environment when I forget
“when” I am. When I was a child, my mother would tell me stories about
angels. She told me that angels found it hard to communicate with man
because man could remember his past but couldn’t see the future.
Angels, acting as the eyes and servants of God, had no memory of the
past but had infinite knowledge of the future. Although I am no angel,
I often thought about that story after I left 2036. Besides that, I do
get a lot of colds.

((John – You were born about halfway into this cycle. BTW, GenXers
would be about 40-50 years old in 2036. How they doin’? Were they
pretty resourceful scrappers?(Fighters/Survivors))

In my opinion, the Gen Xr’s ended up in two categories. There were
the ones who had learned to be independent by breaking away from
tradition and societies expectations and the others who had no idea how
to take care of themselves and just wanted the trains to run on time.
The ones in the first group feel very guilty about “letting” the world
go to Hell and the ones in the second group are dead.

Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-26-2001 10:52 PM
John – I can understand that. Being from the end of the Boomer
Generation myself, I can say that GenXers may feel that way (those who
are left) though it always appeared to me that they were abandoned
young by Boomer parents off doing “their own trip”. GenXers were the
original “latchkey kids”.

I’ll repeat this link, as I really enjoyed the book.
I hear their new book, forecasting the next 10 or 15 years, is also pretty interesting.
Short of holding seminars, is there anything else you’d like to do while you’re here, with respect to your interaction with us?

Posted by James Dvorak on 02-27-2001 01:42 AM Cool
can you tell me what year the police will stop busting people for
smoking weed??? after the war right?? in 2015? do they start pushing
for legalization earlier than the war???? this is the ****! Im still
workin for the community though……………………

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-27-2001 06:59 AM
John – about voice stress analysis… No, you can’t “beat” a
combination of voice stress and body language analysis. You can, under
certain circumstances, beat a polygraph, but only if the examiner is
very inexperienced. I’ve been through a few myself.

I suggest that you do your video tape of the departure. Here is why:
1) An impromtu video tape will give you an opportunity to say some
things to us as a kind of “final farewell” which we can all observe.
Then you can step into your time traveling truck and vanish for the
camera. That will give us something to think about.

2) You will be gone from our time line, and we can examine the
video tape, using voice stress and body language analysis to determine
if you were being honest to us about your trip back to the future.

3) You do not have to worry about the ramifications of the tape
because of time line divergence – and because of several things you’ve
lead us to believe you here, will not be affected in the least – nor
will your time line be affected in your time.

4) If there is any doubt in your story now (and there is apparently
with Javier’s continued chipping away at the story and your own
attitude toward him) then you can clear it up with such a tape.

5) Some of us would really like to believe, have hope for, or even
be shown that time travel is not only possible, but practical and
already (somewhere/sometime) going on. You can prove it to me, beyond a
shadow of doubt with a video tape.

Now… you’ve offered to do so. I have the resources to place said
tape up online. When our web site comes back online we will have plenty
of space to do so. (Some of you might be familiar with the site already
- In any case, we will be more than willing to put up
all the photos, manual scans, video tapes and anything else you would
be willing to show us. I would even be willing to fly to whatever place
you want and film it myself, at my cost, as long as you give me a bit
of a heads up.

(and for those of you wondering, NO I am NOT doing this for the
government. I’m as curious as anyone else here, nothing more, nothing
less. I’m not in this for money, I’m not in this for personal gain -
except the knowledge that the “truth is out there”)

John… you can reach me privately through my email address on this
board. I urge you to do so, if not for yourself or us… for the future.

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-27-2001 07:14 AM
To The Board:
Doc’s site is still not fixed and I have no doubt in my mind that he will eventually move the pictures to his other site.
But in the meantime I have all of John’s pictures and anyone who wants them can email me and I will send them to you.
My email is in my profile.
Also John and I have talked and anybody who wants to forward anything
to John can do so through my email address and I will make sure that
John recieves it.

I will do this as long as I am able.
[Edited by Pamela Moore on 02-27-2001 at 07:31 AM]

Posted by Abe Figer on 02-27-2001 08:58 AM
hey I´m very interested in john titor story.. but I have some question for him……
what is going to happen to Mexico in 2035? is going to be safe
going south after de war starts?….. depending on his answer i will
give me an idea of how real his story is…

Posted by Luis Gonzalez on 02-27-2001 10:15 AM Smile
John, email me…

Posted by John Titor on 02-27-2001 05:25 PM
((You say you were in the militia fighting the US Army. I would
think that civilians would have a snowballs chance in hell of
successfully fighting the military.))

You must realize that why people are fighting is more important
that what they are fighting with. The conflict was not about taking and
holding ground it was about order and rights. They were betting that
people wanted security instead of freedom and they were wrong.

((What does this look like? Is it a stalemate with the
resistance/militia hiding out until the cities are wiped out allowing
them to surface?))

The cities were not isolated because of them; they were isolated because of us.
((You site the approximate number of cities and military bases intact before the nuclear attack. Are they ALL hit?))
Nuclear weapons and guidance systems are less than perfect. Most
targets receive more than one warhead but some of them were more
accurate than others. I would estimate the overall accuracy was around
60 to 70 percent.

((Three days walk from where? The nearest city? Again, though, what population makes a city a city and not a town?))
In my experience, a motivated starving person is only capable of
walking about three days. The more distance you put between yourself
and anyone who is likey to be hungry, the better.

((Does any one or any group stay neutral during all of these years of fighting?))
Some try to.
((Does anyone just lead a reasonably normal life during the civil war?))
((You say the civil war lasts from 2004 to 2008 and then the short
big one in 2015. What do the years from 2008 to 2015 look like? How
long does WWIII last.))

I’m not sure I said that exactly. By 2008, I would say the civil
conflict is pretty much at everyone’s doorstep. Western instability
during the conflict leads to the attack in 2015. WWIII is very short
with a longer period of mop up.

((You mention the nature of Canadians but I don’t think you mentioned the impact of all of this on that country. Would you?))
There’s not a great deal I know about Canada except to say they
were pretty much in the same type of conflict. They did have the Dew
Line you know.

((Oh yeah, one more thing that is rather haunting is your allusion to
the position of women as being controversial and conservative in 2036.
Yikes! What is that supposed to mean?))

It certainly isn’t disrespectful. I apologize if it sounded that
way. It’s one of those areas I realize will be difficult to discuss
because we may lack similar experiences. In 2036, there is not a desire
to “have it all”. With factors such as the difficulty in conceiving and
the decentralization of production and industry, there is not an
unrealistic scramble to have a “career” and a family. Out of necessity
and circumstance, family life has become more traditional. However,
there are many families where the wife / mother is the main breadwinner
and the husband / father remains “home” with the family. The difference
is in the method of decision-making. People do not have children (if
they are able) unless they can devote the required resources to
maintain it.

Posted by Jeff Borgus on 02-27-2001 05:39 PM
(Actually, the requests were rhetorical. No one is going back with me.))
Just like your whole story is rhetorical.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-27-2001 10:28 PM
Many movies that take place in the future show an Earth under ruin, war
and famine. You have been buying into that fear people have in some
corner of their minds from the very start. Creating, what we have here
a John Titor worship board. No longer a place to discuss views of Time
Travel, and gain knowledge. More like a handout of knowledge. In other
words John, you have become these people’s prophet. You are now deeply
involved in their belief system.

My only problem with that is that it’s on a wide scale. Tell me
something, is that why the civil war started? To many people take
people like you and put them on pedestals? Lots of people can no longer
think on their own, they depend solely now on what you have to say. How
pathetic, and your future culture finds no flaw with prolonging it.
Instead, they gave one of their Time Traveler (meaning you) a device to
come to the past and exploit the chance to take and do as you and they
see fit.

That’s very nice. You’ve managed to convince a lot of good people,
honest sincere people. That your genuine, the real McCoy. That however,
may be okay with you, but not by me, not by a long shot.

Someone once brought up the example of some of these people being
sheep. At first that might have been an unfair presumption, but now
that I think about it, it’s true. And you still haven’t commented on my
request to answer my statements. What’s wrong? Why don’t you?

Let’s face it John, I’m one of the very last ones you have not
corrupted with your story. It has been your straightforward effort to
say you are from the future, and convince others of it as well. But
just look at you, look at how unprepared you were. The lies you were
caught in. And trying to recover only makes you look phonier in my

I swear, I will expose you John. My passion and conviction in this
matter is unquestionable. Your friend Pamela can attest to that.

People like you, who use this to benefit from unknowing people,
make me sick. Time Travel is an evil means to get what you want; I
wouldn’t be surprised if your world is Satanic.

The fight is not over between you and me John. Nor will it be over any
time soon. I will continue to pursue in exposing you as a fraud, there
is no doubt about that. I don’t fear you John, I do however fear a
world that has followers like your fans. That only entices me more to
continue the fight.

If others find that silly and funny, I feel sorry for you. You’ve lost
your sense of passion for doing what’s right. You openly accept the
flaws of this world, and succumb deeper to them. Creating what we have
now, a delusional world solely dependent on everyone’s individual
beliefs. That saddens me. Call me old fashion, but that kind of
mentally is only asking for trouble. That’s the sort of mindset that
causes wars. Confusion, uncertainty, fear in the truth.

But in the end, there is no escaping what you all are. In the end,
we will all get judged, and see that instead of laughing at me, and
thinking I was a nut job, you all should have known better. It’s like
the Metaphor of the Ant and the Grasshopper. Just think about that.

Javier C.

Posted by Albert Cattoir on 02-27-2001 11:45 PM
All very interesting, but one nuclear bomb hitting around Colorado
would do the entire food belt in by the wind blowing. Russia’s power
plant went 1500 miles away because of the wind. I guess the wind blows
here too. Now, how far does the Earth move in 36 years traveling along
with the Milky Way Galaxy at 33 miles/second. Quite far, so how do you
manage to not space travel? The Universe is always moving. From 1975,
add another 25 + 36 years and around 61 years is where you went too.
Now the Earth has even traveled further, I suggest you all look up at
the Universe, a Supreme Being might just be praying for all of us on
the Spaceship Planet Earth.

Posted by Emmett “Darby” Darbyshire on 02-28-2001 01:30 AM
When you get a chance can you post an answer to my question regarding
the “30 second” scenario that I asked about a week or so ago? Thanks.

I’ve also been wondering about how you have manage to overcome the
simultaneity problem in maintaining common worldline references between
yourself and the two micro-singularities that travel with you. As you
know, bodies under acceleration lose their initial constant velocity
worldline reference with respect to each other – the Twins Paradox.
Given that you have a possible 2.5% divergence from your own worldline
(5% on a roundtrip?)on a 60 year trip and the micro-singularities (each
having their own worldline) are subject to the same divergence, how do
you keep them in phase? Does the divergence extend into N-dimensions?
Is the 2.5% the total error or is each dimension subject to the 2.5%
divergence individually?

I understand that you’re a tech (a bus driver as it were) and not
the physicist, but how did you manage to overcome the problem of
gathering sufficient power to artificially create a micro-singularity
in such a short time (sometime prior to 2036)? I believe that it would
theoretically take the total energy output of the Sun since the time of
Richard the Lionhearted (about a thousand years) to form one
micro-singularity, let along two.

Posted by John Titor on 02-28-2001 05:55 AM
((When you get a chance can you post an answer to my question
regarding the “30 second” scenario that I asked about a week or so ago?

Please take a look at page 18. If I didn’t get to everything, please expand your question.

Posted by Bob Marz on 02-28-2001 06:17 AM
I haven’t seen an answer to my issue concerning moral turpitude through action or inaction. Did I miss it?
Javier: You’ve worked yourself into a tizzy over John’s spontaneous
whim. He started this forum with a joke about coming back from the
future with the old computer and noticed people taking him seriously so
kept up the gag. I think he’s done a great job, it’s just for fun.
John has never been inflamatory, in fact he’s maintained a good-natured witty sci-fi scenario, urging people to play along.

What gives the gag a nice dynamic impact is the fact that John
stays in character and takes every question seriously, giving us
realistic answers. ala Orson Welles War of the Worlds or Blair Witch
Trial. The more John stays completely in character the better the
experience for us.

[Edited by Bob Marz on 02-28-2001 at 06:26 AM]

Posted by John Titor on 02-28-2001 06:51 AM
In order to assist in where I am in the questions, I will post the
page and person I left off with. It would also help if you could do the
same when asking when I will get to yours. Since my time is growing
short, I will be unable to answer questions that have already been
asked in some form or another and I will make a note when I come across

Unfortunately, it has also come to my attention the proposed email
system for sending out the pictures is not working out. Apparently,
people on the receiving end of the requesting email are starting to
have problems with their computers. They suspect it’s coming from the
“asking” email. Before I leave, I do plan to send out a few more pages
of the manual and a video of my departure. I’m sure a method of will be
developed to do that.

Currently, I am on page 18 right before Rick’s questions.

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-28-2001 09:13 AM Smile
I am still getting some email inbetween the attacks. Anybody wishing
to email John in private please use my email address and I will forward
it to him. and send you a confirmation that your letter has been
forwarded to John.

I delete your mail right afterwards. so if any attack happens to
get past my security system your email will not be there for anybody to
see it. several people have the pictures already. (keep them safe!)

If you can’t get to my email please post on the board your desire for the pictures and I will make sure you recieve them.
Anybody wishing to forward a private letter to John, you don’t have much time left.
while your at it…say Hello to the future! these pages(according
to John) will be archived and posted on a web site in the future.

actually that is quite would you prove to someone reading this in 2036 that you are really from 2001???

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-28-2001 10:21 AM
Earth to Pamela,
Yeah, you’re gone. What happened to being skeptical? Hypocrisy I tell you. And that’s not an attack, that’s the truth.
If people do read these in the future, they’ll see how foolish you
all were to fall for his story so easily. No wonder the future looks
down on us, look at our culture, our attitudes. You have this blind
faith in a man who you all know for only 3 months.

Why not have a dialogue with me Pamela, instead of just being his supporter.
Before you would state your own thoughts. But now, your completely at
his disposal, and nod at whatever he says. And you find that normal? It
appears more like brainwashing to me.

You know I won’t attack you, I will however tell you the truth. So
accept my request, since you speak for John, you shouldn’t be afraid to
answer for him as well.

I await you.
-Javier C.

Posted by John Titor on 02-28-2001 11:14 AM
Actually, Pamela is quite quick to catch many possible discrepancies
in what I’ve said over quite a few sites in the last few months. For

PAMELA ASKS: >1. What type of money system do you have on your
world line? meaning how do you buy and sell things? Do you have the
same type of money or do we have a cashless society? such as smart
cards, credit cards or ID biochips.

I RESPOND: Its not very different than it is now. Yes, we have
money and credit cards. However, like everything else, the monetary
system is decentralized. Banking is based mostly around the community
structure. There are no multinational banking or computerized economic
systems..there are also no income taxes.

QUESTION ON THIS SITE: ((Is there an IRS and a need to keep a lot of receipts and paperwork around to justify yourself?))
I RESPOND: Yes, we pay taxes.. Sounds like you don’t enjoy keeping
track of your personal income taxes. I don’t think anyone does.

MY RESPONSE TO PAMELLA: I had considered going into more detail about
the tax system but I didn’t have a great deal of time. Currently, I am
watching my father go over all his taxes and he doesn’t look like he’s
having a very good time. My comment referred to the collective misery I
see around me during this time of year.

Posted by Bridget Talarico on 02-28-2001 11:23 AM Red face
Oh John, who am I to say “nay”, this guy’s a nut?
But let me ask you one simple question: instead of sitting at your
computer, why not present yourself to George W, proof in hand?

THAT would throw quite a monkey wrench into the government’s coverup machine, don’t you think?

Posted by Emmett “Darby” Darbyshire on 02-28-2001 11:45 AM
Thanks for the answer to the original questions. Here are some follow-ups for you to ponder.
<<Q: What is the result of the duplicates arriving simultaneously at the same place?
A: Psychological confusion and a few fist fights.>>
John, I think that you missed the point here. The problem that
needs to be addressed is what happens to the duplicates as they
simultaneously arrive at virtually the exact same location. Given that
their masses will occupy the same space, what prevents a naked
singularity from forming? (Black holes seem to be the only constructs
that can violate the Exclusion Principle. And unless the duplicates
were drunk they shouldn’t be spinning <wink> – thus a naked

<<Q: How long will it take for the loop to decay? Will it decay? Is it a loop?
A: The chances of hitting the precise worldline where all the other
duplicates are arriving is almost zero. It’s possible but increasingly
less probable with each arriving duplicate. The divergence decays and
the worldline is “less available” for new “yous” to arrive on.>>

It’s a nice creative answer, but it didn’t address the question.
The question was is it a loop; will it decay and how long will it take
to decay? Divergence won’t decay, unless you’re saying that the
divergence decreases (which I don’t believe is what you were
indicating). Its true that each duplicate has a decreasing probability
of arriving on the same worldline – but its an infinite number of
duplicates. Any subset of that infinity is simply a less intense
infinity, but an infinity none-the-less. The implication is that an
infinite number of duplicates will appear simultaneously. What prevents
this from happening?

<<Q: What happens if the experimenter, upon seeing his duplicate, decides not to continue the experiment?
A: He can always leave the room on his own worldline or put a desk full
of books in the position where the time machine is arriving every 30
seconds. That will probably trip the VGL system and stop the time
machines from arriving.>>

Again, nice try on the answer. But these duplicates aren’t arriving
every 30 seconds. They are all arriving simultaneously 30 seconds
before the experiment begins apparently violating Causality if the
experimenter decides to cancel the trip.

This question was a follow-up to your 2.5% worldline error problem. On
your 60-year journey you have a problem if the error is 2.5% in
N-dimensions. If your error is in the ‘t’ dimension you have a chance
to arrive back home as early as 2034 and as late as 2038. If the error
is cumulative for each leg you could arrive as early as 2032 and as
late as 2040. Arrive too early and the boss won’t have a clue as to why
you brought him a 1975 vintage computer. Arrive too late and your
haven’t helped solve the problem in a timely (excuse the pun) manner.

You’re also faced again with the Twins Paradox. In this case the
twin is you: The “you” in 2036 and 2001. Each of you is a body in
motion and under acceleration (the velocity of Earth, the Solar System,
Milky Way Galaxy and Vegan Local Group and the general expansion of the
universe are not constant.) Moreover, the distance between each “you”
is increasing at 54 km/sec. The 2036 Earth is approximately 60 billion
kilometers from where it is today. The 2.5% divergence error is not
constant. The longer you stay here in 2001 the greater the distance
between the two Earths thus the degree of error increases. The
physicists in 2036 aren’t able to help you as they don’t know where you
are and as you aren’t a physicist you’re probably not going to be able
to make the corrections from this end. How are you going to get home

John, you’re actually doing a credible job of handling this thread.
I personally don’t believe that you’re a time traveler but that’s not
the point. I have to put some thought into asking these questions. SO,
you make me think and that’s always good. Thank you.

Posted by John Titor on 02-28-2001 12:28 PM
I do enjoy the questions and I appreciate the interest.
I suppose there is a difference between a thought experiment and
the real world. It appears we have our virtual laboratories confused
and I’m not sure I understood all the rules to your experiment and then
it occurred to me that in your position, this is all just a thought
experiment anyway. I will try to be more literal in my explanation.

((In this experiment the traveler only goes 30 seconds into the past to
appear in his lab. It seems that 30 seconds before his experiment was
to begin he saw himself appear in the lab. There would now be two
travelers and two time machines. It doesn’t appear that it ends that
simply as the “second” time traveler says that he saw a duplicate self
appear in the lab thirty seconds before he started the trip. It would
appear that its a time loop and an infinite number of duplicates see a
duplicate self appear in the lab thirty seconds prior to the start of
the trip. ))

I’m not positive but I don’t see anything that indicates the time
traveler would remain in the same spot once he arrives. 30 seconds is
almost long enough to get coffee in your thought experiment. If that
were true, and they all kept moving, than the experiment could go on
for quite a while until the planet filled with time travelers. You also
stated, “it would appear” as a time loop. If it only appears that way,
than the natural divergence may stop the experiment when three or four
time travelers arrive and the others end up on different worldlines.

((The problem that needs to be addressed is what happens to the
duplicates as they simultaneously arrive at virtually the exact same

Again, you use the world virtually, which to me means not exactly
the same spot. Under the laws of physics, I don’t personally know what
happens if it were on exactly the same spot but I do know it’s
possible. Under the operational limits of the distortion unit, as soon
as the VGL sensors pick up an unexpected mass in the target worldline,
it would shut down and drop off in a worldline where your experiment is
not occurring.

((Given that their masses will occupy the same space, what prevents a naked singularity from forming?))
I see, now they are in the same space. I suppose that’s a
possibility. If so, than the as soon as the experiment started, a
singularity would form under the infinite mass and swallow the planet.
Perhaps they tried this on Cygnus?

((It’s a nice creative answer, but it didn’t address the question.
The question was is it a loop; will it decay and how long will it take
to decay?))

Well, I think it’s a nice creative question too. Under your
example, the “loop” would terminate as soon as the singularity forms
and would be constantly fed by all the arriving time travelers.

Thanks again, I’ll follow up on the rest in a bit.

Posted by John Titor on 02-28-2001 01:05 PM
After taking a quick shower and listening to the quiet hum of my
archiving hard drives, I decided that Emmett and I may have made bad
second impressions on each other. I find it ironic because it’s people
like Emmett that will actually solve those physical issues and make it
possible for people like me to go back in time and argue with them. So
I hope, no hard feelings Emmett.

It also reminds me of a short story between a bicycle maker in the 1900s and a man who could fly faster than sound.
BICYCLE MAKER: Well Mr. Mach, if your plane can go faster than the
speed of sound, how did you solve the compressibility problem that
would tear your flimsy craft to pieces?

MR. MACH: First off, the aircraft are much more stable and made of
metal instead of wood and fabric. Second, it is possible to pass the
sound barrier by designing the wings and body to move the shock wave
down the plane as you surpass the speed of sound.

BICYCLE MAKER: Really? Planes made of metal? Well, if your plane
can fly faster than sound then why don’t you just fly to the moon?

MR. MACH: It doesn’t work that way. You need air to make the engine function.
BICYCLE MAKER: I see. Your plane can go faster than sound but needs
air to function. That’s convenient and it all sounds like a penny-book
fantasy to me.

MR. MACH: Perhaps… perhaps not

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-28-2001 02:03 PM
Give me a break John, your so full of it. Your pathetic attempts to
crawl out of a tight hole our becoming narrower and narrower to get
passed these days. Not just are you being broken down, but being
exposed as a fraud.

More discrepancies. Your a lair, you really didn’t plan on taking
anyone back with you. Yet people believed you. Still waiting for you to
apologize to everyone.

And don’t say your busy going in order trying to answer everyone’s
questions. You just skipped the rest and went straight to the most
current. How considerate you are. Others have been waiting for much
longer time, and you found it convenient to seize the opportunity to
answer something that would make you look good in the eyes of your

Posted by Albert Cattoir on 02-28-2001 02:15 PM
Not that I believe you, but would not the vintage computer from 1975
be bigger than the time machine to haul back to the future? It handles
3 people, personal computers were really not out then, only a very few
people were trying to make a personal computer, and they only had kits
to put together. I mean 4kB of memory is nothing like the current crop
of computers with up to about 1gB of memory one can put in the
computer. Just some thoughts about what you are saying? It does not fit
quite right with me. If there was a War, then it seems reasonable to me
that you were not even born until all of the Wars were over. That would
make you about 21 years old from 2015 or just about 29 from 2008. It
does not add up if millions of people died from these happenings. I
just add things up logically, and from my prespective, the story does
not seem real. Oh, well, we all have to do something with our time, I
guess. I think I’ll be 90 in 2036 and right now you appear to be
younger than I am now and have not developed the critical thinking
skills that come with age on Spaceship Earth.

Posted by David R Ferguson on 02-28-2001 02:29 PM
I have finally read all of the posts in this thread and I have come
to one conclusion…it is definitely been more entertaining than
anything currently on television, except, of cours, for the televised
Illinois basketball games!

Thanks to everyone for your posts. It has certainly been very educational.

Posted by Emmett “Darby” Darbyshire on 02-28-2001 02:58 PM
My friend, I have absolutely no hard feelings. To the contrary, this thread is quite enjoyable.

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-28-2001 04:43 PM Wink
I am grasping the tether on the front of
my outerspace suit.attached somewhere down there
to earth…Im pulling…..myself……………
right hand…over left hand…over right hand…
Im pulling myself into Earth’s atmosphere…
a little further…a little further…..(hahhah)
Ok..Javier what kind of dialogue do you want to have?
….Im here.
No, I have not lost all my skeptism and you are
constantly acting on your own assumptions and fears.
I don’t speak for John, I simply helped him out on a couple of questions he already had answered earlier.
Am I brainwashed? Of course not. That is silly!
I have talked to John for hours and hours about things.
and I know some things you don’t. John is a highly intelligent man and he is very interesting to talk to.
People are not stupid, Javier. and you know I am not.
Can’t you just enjoy the conversation in this thread?
it’s probably not going to last much longer….pretty soon John
will be gone and you won’t have to worry about him anymore.(he’ll
either drop off of the board if he is fake, or go back to future if he
is real.)

the truth may not possibly come until after he is gone.
I know you have a good heart. but you get a little carried away sometimes.
I have an email address you know if you want to talk further…

Posted by Angel Lynnn on 02-28-2001 07:10 PM Exclamation
Are people using “reverse speech” in courts, etc. or even recreational?
Can you talk about earthquakes in California and Nevada?
Angel Lynnn

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-28-2001 07:59 PM
What’s reverse speech?

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-28-2001 08:02 PM
No need to be sarcastic ya know, but thanks for finally answering one of my questions.
However, the dialog will mainly be question/answer. I said that,
because it seemed to me that I was the only one talking. You weren’t
responding to any of my questions. Neither was John.

And since your John’s little helper, you can assist him in answering for him. Make sense?
But since you said your only posting answers to questions already
asked, I fail to see how you will be of any help to me and the rest.

Yes, John maybe smarter and more interesting then me, but that
doesn’t make what I do know, any less important. Thanks for be
little-ling me .
Nonetheless, you know I can’t just stand idly by while he preaches and
others bow at his feet. I can’t stand for that, nor will I allow it.
Others must hear another side, not just his.

So if I am criticized as being afraid and acting on my own assumptions,
I don’t care. I’m not here to win the best personal image award. I am
here to speak the truth.

And you say your still skeptical; well actions speak louder then words.
I guess we won’t find out all the truth, until she leaves. Will you be
telling us more details about him, or will you conceal it still in fear
of them finding out the whereabouts of his younger self?

Your taking quite a risk trusting someone with your secrets John. Didn’t your mom teach you to be weary of a pretty face?
Just the facts though…

Posted by Stephen McKay on 02-28-2001 09:24 PM
Why are you so defensive about this whole thread? I may be
mistaken, or perhaps you have a different definition of preach, I don’t
remember John _ever_ preaching. Nor any of us “worshipping” him. The
way I see it, John has made a claim which may be true or may not be.
The possibility of it being true interests some of us, so we have
questions. John’s doing his best to answer us. Maybe he’s full of it,
but I enjoy science fiction as much as the next UFO nut.

Just because we ask questions, does not mean we are shouting from
the rooftops “This man speaks the truth, he is the Messiah”. It simply
means we are willing to accept the possibility that he is telling the
truth. If he is, great, we can learn from him and look back on these
posts when we reach his time. If not, what have we lost? A few moment
of time, which, in the grand scheme of things, amount to little.

My question for you is this: If John is a fraud, what do you
personally stand to lose? What is the reason for your conviction?
Whether it’s the truth or not, it’s interesting. For my part that’s
reason enough to continue. If you don’t believe John, leave. If you’re
not interested, leave. It’s your choice. What I think is important is
that none of us are really sure whether John is telling us the truth or
not, but we’re willing to entertain the possibility.

An open mind is an important thing.

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-28-2001 11:41 PM
“Yes, John maybe smarter and more interesting then me, but that
doesn’t make what I do know, any less important. Thanks for be
little-ling me .”

Im sorry you misinterpreted my words in this manner.
“And you say your still skeptical; well actions speak louder then
words. I guess we won’t find out all the truth, until she leaves. Will
you be telling us more details about him, or will you conceal it still
in fear of them finding out the whereabouts of his younger self? “

I won’t be doing or saying anything that could possibly jeopardize or bring harm to John or his family.

Posted by Albert Cattoir on 03-01-2001 12:31 AM
What interests me is the need for time travel in the first place? I
think by rational thinking that time travel is impossible. Do I care
that people tell me to be open-minded? I am open-minded. What bothers
me is that people will go through so much trouble to bother with a
technology that will only occur in the very far future. I suggest that
John talks to Dr. Fred Bell, who has traveled forward in time,
according to him when he was a guest on the show, and that John tells
him how they have solved the problem of disorientation from time
travel. Now every thing is nifty with time travel, and there is no ill
effect? I like fantasy as much as the next person, but I see no Civil
War on the horizon. Only the people who would want to see a Civil War
start actually see a Civil War on the horizon. My, if I were John, I
buy a TV and a VCR player and take back the episodes of Star Wars. Try
to transcend above this physical plane of existence, and you will see
that the Force is actually a reality. Time-travel, well, its a grand
idea, but like all ideas, when rational thinking is done on the subject
instead of emotional turmoil, time-travel is so far into the future
that as I the only one who can see that?

This leads to the freedom not to be influenced by the very type of
people that always are seeking the wrong truths. People should look up
at night. In the beginning there was nothing. How long can you have
nothing? Forever! A unit of measurement has been invoked, call it
forever. A yardstick, a ruler called forever. And time was just
created. Then something was made out of the nothingness, being a
potential, and here the Universe exists in God’s Glory. God does not
leave this chance.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 03-01-2001 12:32 AM Red face
Stephen & Pamela,
I have a good responds for both of you. But it’s passed 12 right now,
and I have to get up early for work. Maybe during work, I will reply to

Good night,
Javier C.

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 03-01-2001 07:17 AM
Albert wrote:” All very interesting, but one nuclear bomb hitting
around Colorado would do the entire food belt in by the wind blowing.

Russia’s power plant went 1500 miles away because of the wind. I
guess the wind blows here too. Now, how far does

the Earth move in 36 years traveling along with the Milky Way
Galaxy at 33 miles/second. Quite far, so how do you

manage to not space travel? The Universe is always moving. From 1975, add another 25 + 36 years and around 61
years is where you went too. Now the Earth has even traveled
further, I suggest you all look up at the Universe, a

Supreme Being might just be praying for all of us on the Spaceship Planet Earth.”
Albert, for the record, our government does not push the “nuclear
war survivability scenario” for a reason – they simply do not care.
Anyone who builds a bomb shelter is considered a kook. I don’t think
they are kooks. I don’t think anyone who believes in survival is a
kook. Now, why I mention that is your “wind blows” theory. Yes, you’re
correct that the wind blows generally west to east and if a ground
blast occurs there will indeed be fallout. However, understand a good
number of nuclear weapons will be air burst weapons. There will still
be fall out, but considerably less than if the weapons are ground
burst. There will be a lot of little weapons that will miss their
targets. I LIVE in Colorado, believe me I’ve studied the what-ifs
carefully, for the sake of my family. There isn’t an easy survival
answer either. (Which is why I CARRY NBC protective gear with me
everywhere I GO and my home is being slowly set up to protect us
against nuclear fallout. Won’t protect us against a direct strike, but
even in my area, I think an atomic attack will be survivable.)

The moving earth situation has been discussed at length several
times, and John’s explanation was “gravity sensors”. While I’m not
aware of anything called a gravity sensor in this day and age, I
wouldn’t discount such a thing. Physics has a way of surprising us.
Already we are sure (in physics) that there are such things as “gravity
waves” – similar in fact, to radio, light or even x-rays – all of which
are “waves”. If this is correct, and I believe it is, then there will
be very shortly a way to measure them, and therefore “sense” gravity
waves. Doing calculations and measurements could compensate for the
“movement through time” of a time ship.

Javier – Man you’re obviously taking this way too seriously.
Especially when you start insulting everyone on the list. Now, I don’t
usually take things personally, but you and I have discussed this
offline already a couple of times. While I understand your reasoning
for trying to prove John a fake time traveler (Or even if a real one,
he shouldn’t be here – if I understand your web page correctly) some of
the comments about people being sheep, followers and “believers” is a
little bit harsh.

Let me explain. I’m not a “believer” in the sense you’re implying.
That is, if John were a time traveler here and now, and was doing what
he is doing (as a REAL TIME TRAVELER) then I would have no qualms about
listening to his story.

In fact, I have no qualms about listening to it now. Regardless of
whether he is real or not, the idea of time travel, science fiction and
a ****ed good story is something I’m always “into”.

In other words, what Pamela and some others have called “attacks”
by you, might not, by you be considered such – but the rest of us do.
Basically, you insult the intelligence of everyone on this list by
saying we “are sheep”. I personally am not, and I’m sure you weren’t
referring to me personally – however, even if I DID totally believe
John, and was taken in by him, and believed he was telling the total
truth – who are you to come rescue me?

People in this world have free will. This is something SO MANY Of us
forget all to often. I protect my children and grandchildren from bad
things, because they are young and might not have the wisdom of age to
get themselves out of a situation. But, as adults, we have the free
will to believe, or disbelieve whatever we wish.

An open mind is very important in science – something a lot of
scientists even forget. Skeptism is important, but at the same time, if
you do not have an open mind to what “may be” you will never get past
the arrogance of your own mind and you might just miss the most
important discovery of all time.

About Today’s World:
In the place I work, we look at many different things, including
intelligence reports, terrorism, war in other places and in general the
“state of the world”. I study many things, related and unrelated to my
job, but most importantly we in the DoD and military tend to examine
everything, even the smallest, insignificant incidents in the world,
looking for those things that might ignite an all-out war.

If any one has been following global intelligence at all (and you
can do as good a job as the CIA on your own, if you simply know where
to look) you will see that in the United States an “awakening” of sorts
has occured regarding our personal freedoms. There are these anti-gun
nuts out there trying to ban guns – using the children as the catalyst.
Without examining the reason we have for owning guns (and it isn’t a
last week thing, this is a HISTORICAL THING) then they do us all a
disservice. America is on to them. We are on to those who would take
our freedoms and we aren’t going to let it happen without a fight.
Hence the possibility of “civil war” DOES exist today. If you’re not
close to the subject you might not see it. Those of us who are
protecting our freedoms DO SEE IT.

Russia has been “feeling it’s oats” lately… doing attack runs on
our ships, rattling their sabers (i.e. “We’ll pull our support of the
internation space station if you even THINK of continuing with National
Missile Defense – just one example). Russia has not disassembled
several nukes they said they did. Satellites show it. They just move
them now. China has linked up with Iraq – assisting them in repairing
their weapons systems – hence the attacks recently on Baghdad.

There are reports of Cubans, Chinese and perhaps North Koreans in
and around the Sonora desert (think about this to understand what it
means – basically, that is our weakest border. If *I* were going to put
a force against america, I’d come in that way).

These are just SOME of the little things. We have a kind of unrest
in America now. It could very well lead to a civil war of sorts.

Russia, China, N. Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, France – and you can add
quite a few others to this list – would just love to see America on her
knees and will do whatever it is they can to help us down there. NEVER
EVER UNDERESTIMATE enemies – especially FORMER enemies (like Russia).

What I am trying to say, without being able to do so in a short
note, is that even if John is “fake” his scenarios are absolutely
POSSIBLE and even PROBABLE at this point in our time line. Those of us
who spend time checking intelligence reports can CONFIRM his social
theories about “what might be”.

In short, even if John is fake – his possibile future is accurate
for us, even now. I hope he (and I) are wrong, and I hope it won’t come
to a civil war in this country, but I have been seeing it coming for a
few years now. The thing with Russia and nuclear war – well… it is so
much more a possibility NOW than it was in the Cold War that *I* am
considering building that bomb shelter once again.


Posted by Angel Lynnn on 03-01-2001 08:06 AM Exclamation
Some employers are using this to help them with hiring employees.
They record the interviewee talking then they reverse thier speech to
see if they were telling the truth, etc. Whatever comes out in reverse
is what was on the persons mind while speaking.

I’m curious if they are using reverse speech in courts etc. in the
future. Maybe it will be a good thing to get into and learn more about.

Angel Lynnn
[Edited by Mary Rowland on 03-01-2001 at 03:10 PM]

Posted by Javier Cortez on 03-01-2001 08:24 AM
Well Rick, you seem to have a passionate belief in something as
well. Yet you blame me for having the same zest. You accuse me of being
harsh; yeah maybe I was just a tad. But you call these people who want
to take away the second amendment “nuts,” how do you think they will
feel about you saying that? So I see it as something one in the same.

I am only trying to get the message out that we shouldn’t give our
selves to easily to someone claiming to know the truth. I want freedom
too, I’d hate for it to be taken away. That’s why I’m working towards
not having that future.

Except my way, no one seems to understand. They call me crazy or
going to far. Perhaps, but if you’ve gone through the things I have,
you’d also protest. You’d want to make sure it doesn’t happen to anyone

As for everyone being sheep’s, I didn’t mean you. I meant those
that stick to John like glue who can’t see another side but his.
Forgive me if I offended you, I can get pretty worked up in my

You sound like your new here. Why don’t you visit my site first? I
think that’s probably the best way I can answer your questions. Learn a
little about my cause, and me and if you still have questions I’ll be
more then happy to answer them. Critical or not, I don’t run away from

Like I said before, I respect you for keeping what John told you in
confidence secret. I would do the same. Nor would I want his younger
self in a government facility being tested on. Because I know the
feeling of being exploited, and no body deserves that fate.

Even John…
If there is anything I hate more then liars, are people who take
advantage of others. People who exploit those to gain an advantage in
some hidden goal. Makes me sick…

Hence my hatred towards Time Travel, and Time Travelers.
Someone’s got to do something. Who here has the guts to stand up for justice in the matter of temporal violators?
I volunteer, for as long the threat shall exist.
Javier Cortez
[Edited by Javier Cortez on 03-01-2001 at 08:30 AM]

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