Postagens Originais do John Titor (Parte 9)

Posted by Ernie Vega on 02-16-2001 10:26 AM
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Hi Rick, John, all:
I also found John’s post regading the specifics to be beyond much contention. My scale is tipping toward belief.
I’ll say this much. The descriptions John provided are much more
convincing than his ability to write a given equation. I think I
understand why Rick was impressed as I know a bit more about Rick today
than I did 2 days ago I mean his technical background.

Here is my opinion.
John thus far has demontrated the following:
Ability to discuss physics that seems to rise (eventually) to the level of the question posed.
High degree of intelligence.
Has not wavered in his ethical assertions regarding (verifyable) disclosure of future events.
No interest in making money for this (so far)
Continuity of statements (not 100%, but he’s human)
Accurate cultural behaviour for a person from the world he claims to come from.
Has “I believe” made more than 1 verifyable prediction. (I think) correct me if I misunderstood his post.
A degree of loyalty to his country, and for democracy not found every day. He has read the Constitution and understood it. IMHO
Hinted that he may have had something to do with recent events that did not come to pass.
An accurate depiction of the climate that would escalate to the wars and events he describes.
Made statements that contradict many other Time Traveller’s
Has attempted to answer most of what is asked of him.
The ability to accurately relate a story as if he had been there.
A great deal of self control when “questioned”.
(for you Rick
In general has been a very good thread host.
None of this proves he’s a time traveller, but it does prove to me that
I should continue to read the posts, and ask further question.

As someone recently mentioned a preponderance of circumstantial evidence builds credibility.
I have a question for John:
John, what would it take to get you to stick around after spring and leave during the next window of opportunity?
I fear that another month or 2 may not be enough time to get as much said and discussed as I would like to have.
Regarding the photos. I have asked 6 friends that have been in the
military and “whatever” the device is in the photo looks very
authentic. The manual also is what you would expect from the military.
The revisions on the cover page look normal for such a manual. Maybe
Rick can take a close look at the photos. Has anyone done any imaging
on the photos to make the individual controls on the “machine” more

In your “world time” have things like “Saquatch” , “Loch Ness
monster”, and other reported unusual animals been seen, or captured or
explained away.

Is remote viewing used to gather military intelligence?
Are psychics still common? are they used by the government?
Is there a Police Dept as we know it. Have any of your top leaders or politicians been jailed or impeached?
John, any chance of getting a better set of photos with more of the manual?.
John please respond to my question as to “the prediction” did I jump the Gun? (get ahead of myself).
One final question? Is there a Global Superpower state and what nation is it.
Best regards,

Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-16-2001 10:48 AM
I think I understand. I guess you are held accountable, in some way,
for changes that occur in your time period. You would know, and I guess
no one else has to. Let me see if I get this. You tell me about a new
cultural fad – for instance, let’s say Czech Dance Wear, becomes chic.
I keep my eye on trends, and invest, in a way that benefits me, at the
exclusion of someone else. OR I open a shop that begins the trend and
then trend burns out sooner than it otherwise would. Then you, on your
time-line, notice, when you get back, that the weekly dance at the
local Youth Hall is no longer centered around Czech Bouncing, for the
summer of ’36. Instead, for some quirky reason, Cowboy Line Dancing
appeals to everyone for a few weeks or months during this period.
Otherwise everything else remains relatively unchanged.

Please answer this question to the best of your ability to assist
us. I’m a big believer in grassroots resourcefulness, and its power in
creating discerning situations that test people’s willingness and
ability to make their own way.

It seems to me that with the cities under such stresses, people would
flock in large numbers to remote areas like Winnipeg (sorry guys) or
some other region with plenty of clean water, air and soil. Why is this
such a nelected fix? I would also imagine that the network of
Intentional Communities (communes?) that took root over the years,
would provide infrastructural support to a nation needing to find its
“FOXFIRE” roots.

If I was transposed to the 1920′s or 30′s, you would have a hard
time keeping me off the streets, out of public places, shops, concert
halls, etc. just trying to take it all in. Ditto with just about any
other time and place.

Which reminds me of an old story about the TT who saw a sign
outside a restaurant that said “Breakfast served any time”. He
eventually settled on eggs benedict during the Renaissance.

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-16-2001 11:35 AM
It is interesting to note that the photos posted on that other site
were posted by an “anonomyous time traveler” some time back. It fits
the exact description John has give us of his machine. Therefore, based
on his discription alone, I would say he is the one that posted the
pictures. If he didn’t post them, then he is using them for the basis
of his story.

Regardless of the two supositions above, the device appears to be
“authentic” to me. I have some experts looking at the manual and the
pictures as well – for obvious reasons, I won’t tell you who because
they aren’t aware of this discussion and I don’t intend to tell them
about it.

I am extremely familiar with military spec equipment in many forms,
more specifically communications systems of various types. I have never
seen this particular item (in my time…
) nor anything vaguely resembling it. HOWEVER, it does have the look
and feel of a piece of gear produced by a large corporation for the

John – in looking closely at this device, I see there is a hand
control unit – with some sort of screen on it. I assume this is the
computer interface through which the device is programmed (or time
settings are made). Is that an accurate assumption? What does the
display show you (for instance, does it simply show things like
time/date calculations, or radiation [probably wrong word] of the
fields from the device?)

Also, there are 16 apparent buttons. I have to assume further that
these are multifunction keys (that is you press one for an alt/control
function and other buttons have names or labels and perhaps even
numerical meanings). Is that also accurate?


Posted by Doug Beauchamp on 02-16-2001 05:38 PM
At the very begginning of this thread, I was very skeptical. Who
wouldn’t be on a topic like this? However, I find myself believing it
even more with each page. What I find strange is why so many people
don’t believe. I think we’ve established that a majority of us do
believe time travel a possibility. Most of us also believe that the
human race does indeed learn how to travel to time sometime in the
future. If we believe this, then why do we find it so hard to believe
that there are people from the future among us? If John is not a time
traveler, then he’s a **** good lier. There are minor flaws in his
stories, but I think there are more strengths than flaws. Maybe I just
believe his story because I want to (selective belief).

As for the issue of security, I think Rick covered it all. I don’t
think the government would be as open-minded to this topic as some of
us. Unless John proved he was a time traveler, I don’t think anyone
will be using his IP to track him. Which is a reason I don’t think John
can be proving to us that he is indeed a TT. (Maybe that’s one of the
lessons in TT training.) Unless there is a branch of the FBI similar to
the X-Files, I doubt anyone will be knocking on Johns door anytime soon.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-16-2001 08:48 PM
So John, when do you plan on answering my questions?
Is there a problem in answering?
Please let me know…. I await you.
-Javier C.
Sysop: We do not provide links to other boards, Sorry. Peace, Mary
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Posted by Tim Utterback on 02-16-2001 10:17 PM Wink
Hey John. If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance. Then baffle them with BS!!!

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-17-2001 12:10 AM
Man, that’s the second time someones edited out my posts. But that’s not important, what is, is your answers John.
I’m still waiting. So far it’s been 48 hours. What’s wrong? Are you unable to answer?

Posted by Roy Meserve on 02-17-2001 11:13 AM
Thanks for your reply. Yes, unfortunately Hawai’i is quite
tied to the fate of the mainland US in major ways. Efforts
at some amicable sovereignty are halting or stillborn.
Just wanted to recommend a book I think might tell you volumes about present macro socio-economic conditions that
lay the foundation for the evolving political divisions you
state lead to a civil war in the US in the near future.
The book is “When Corporations Rule the World” by John C. Korten.
While certainly not the only important work or view of this
present paradigm, behind the ‘sturm und drang’ of partisan
noise and distraction, this well-written and researched book
by a dedicated veteran of more than 30 years abroad in var-
ious aid and developmental programs aimed at Third world areas, squarely focuses on the escalating comglomeration of
power and money increasingly in the hands of the few and the
resulting loss of control over individual and community autonomy. Now,
in the twilight of the 21st century, this locus of capital, political
influence and media control is taking on a life of its own, out of the
control of even those at the top of the command heirarchy, with

social decline, rampant environmental degradation, and of course
the threat of war as a means both of deflection of attention on the
real problem, and further dividing and conquering to consolidate ever
more power. No black hats and white hats, per se, but more the result
of unthinking accep-

tance of a certain economic model at the root.
This is why I feel there is a kind of inevitability to some
sort of wrenching change, whether or not it follows ‘your’
probable outcome. Another older book by a similar ‘dissoc-
iated’ entity that might interest you is “The Nature of Per-
sonal Reality” by Jane Roberts (circa 1979-80). From a ghost
no less! Both can be found at the public library, but are worth perusal. Submitted humbly in the spirit of apocalypse
or (Greek)- ‘unveiling’….

Posted by Andrew Hubbard on 02-17-2001 08:40 PM
1) would you be able to internationally travel by:
travelling to the year 2001, fly a plane to the desired destination, and then go to the future from there?
2)If each world line is seperate from the others, then wouldn’t the
consequences of your actions now have no effect on your original
worldline? If this is the case, why won’t you tell us things that will
give us knowledge or let us avoid death? My only geuss is that you are
not a time traveller, and don’t want to say anything that could make a
gullable person do something stupid.

3) how can I leave a message for myself in the future if the things i do in this worldline do not effect the others?

Posted by Michael E. Hendrickson on 02-18-2001 08:03 AM
The falsity of your claims is revealed in your predicted scenario
for our country in the years 2004-2012,i.e., a virtual collapse of our
constitutional system into a waring

divide between the cities and the countrysides, with a farmer
general leading the latter to victory in 2012, presumably, after a
horrendous, internecine struggle. I believe in fact this describes a
plot in one or more

science fiction novels written in the past 50 years.
This scenario could plausibly describe events which, perhaps,
might occur 100 years from now, or even much further in
the future, but most certainly not commencing a mere
three years from now. A breakdown of this magnitude would’ve
had to have been preceded by many more fracturing events other than
Ruby Ridge, Waco,the Oaklahoma bombing,etc., over a much longer period
of time in order to culminate in your predicted scenario.

Given what we know about our society today with its
very stable system of government(however else you may
wish to describe it), your prediction of its pending
disintegration, beginning in three short years, is utterly improbable, if not impossible. Hmm., I’m, trying to
think, was it Asimov or Kurt Vonnegut Jr. who originally authored this scenario? MH
P.S. The idea of a farmer general leaving his fields to
lead his country’s troops to victory is an old one going
back, at least, to Roman times. Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus,
I believe, was the gentleman’s name, from the 5th Century B.C. Roman Republic.
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Posted by Ernie Vega on 02-18-2001 11:06 AM
The recent film “Gladiator” featured Maximus a farmer general who defeated a “fictionalized” Commodus.
I guess if you asked Joseph Campbell there are only a few stories
and all literature is the re-telling of the same few stories in
different settings.

Boy saves girl
Boy saves the nation
Girl dies boy avenges
Boy gets girl usually another boy loses girl.
Underdog defeats the champ. David and Goliath, farmer general
Good boy goes bad
bad boy goes good
and a few more.
there are a few that’s all then we just enhance the content to fit our cultural needs.

Posted by Randy Empey on 02-18-2001 11:36 AM
Mr. Vega and Mr. Hendrickson:
The wonderful ability for the human mind to group things by
simularities, generalize, and vaguely remember stories heard in the
past exists.

But it is not conclusive proof of the falsity of anybodies claims.
I, as an attempted-authorer (pretty simular to being an
attempted-murderer), have ran into the ‘universal hero myth’ dillema
face to face, in mental combat to the death . . . and have yet to
arrise victorious . . . but it does not mean I have no good stories to
tell, nor that they are unoriginal. And it certainly doesn’t mean that
any story I may come up with is most definetly not true . . .

I am fairly certain that proving anything is impossible. (By this I
mean proving ABSOLUTELY . . . within certain frameworks, like
mathematics, things can be proven . . . but in general? I think not. In
what we call ‘reality’? I also think not. Life would be too simple.)

If this is true, and I think it is, it also follows that it is
impossilbe to disprove anything — although the two are often different

So the ongoing ‘discussion’ about the veracity of this TT’s claims
is largely in vain. Good works may yet come from it, but I am sure
there are better ways to spend this thread. John has already suggested
this, it seems to me, and I believe it is everybody’s best interest to
recognize that we have never been in the realm of absolutes and that
the main goal here is the intelligent exchange of ideas, observations,
insights and ‘feelings’.

Just because a plot appears often in the worlds portrayed in
science fiction doesn’t preclude them from being what you seem to
consider science fact.

Spacecraft are a prime example of this.
Timecraft ARE ALSO!
The mind is the ultimate vessel for any kind of exploration . . .
lets please direct our miranderings a little more effectively even on
this micro level, . . . if only to please my aesthetic sense!

I’m sure we will all be a lot happier and the fruits will then be better.

Posted by Ernie Vega on 02-18-2001 02:56 PM Cool
Hi all:
Randy, although I remain to be convinced as to the nature of John
or his story. I have never said he was a fake or a fraud, or a liar,
actually, I expressed frustration at the seemingly all important “is he
or isn’t he” debate.

I propose that “what John is” is irrelevant to this conversation.
What is relevant is the ideas, and very good technical information
being discussed here. I can tell you that I’m sure that some of the
posters know more about time travel and it’s why’s and why nots, than
they did prior to coming here.

The real interesting conversation has been about the culture he describes, and the way they approach life.
My comment regarding story lines is accurate. It does not however,
detract from any literary work. It also had no connection to John
Titor, I was actually disagreeing with the previous poster that stated
that the Farmer General metaphor somehow was indicative of deception on
Johns part, or a weak link in his story. The Farmer General is nothing
new. History is replete with Farmer Generals.

I was pointing out to him the “preponderance” of similarity that
exists in the area of “plot development”. As an author you must have at
times asked yourself if the scene you were creating did not sound too
much like “this”, or “that”.

Anyway, I just wanted to clarify the point.
Oh one more thing.
You say
The mind is the ultimate vessel for any kind of exploration . . .
lets please direct our miranderings a little more effectively even on
this micro level, . . . if only to please my aesthetic sense!

Please excuse me if I misuderstood but neither I nor anyone else here
is going direct their meanderings in any direction to please “your”
sense of Aesthetics.

As soon as you become a moderator here you can dictate whatever
you want. Remember that whatever you post will most likely get a

By the way “effective meandering” is a poor choice of metaphor, you see it’s a borderline oximoron.
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Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-18-2001 11:04 PM Smile
OK John, I know your playing this Machiavelli role again, of going
silent and hiding. But just wanted to let you know, that when you do
return, answer my questions first. I asked first. So don’t avoid
answering my questions. Got that ?

-Javier C.

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-19-2001 12:23 AM
To John Titor:
I have found this thread very interesting. How far from what size city
is it the safest to be? You suggest bicycle. What about horseback?
Should we be stockpiling guns? What kind of people will be the ones
least trustworthy? Is the conflict racial in any way? Does the civil
war start in such a way that with this foreknowledge those willing will
have time to remove themselves to safer locations. Will you readily be
able to identify the enemy. Does living near a river with a
distillation unit take care of water problems? How are the five people
within the 100 miles contacted? Do communications stay intact. I have
86 acres on a river in Central California about 125 miles north of LA.
I have geese, turkeys, horses, chickens, milk cows, good pasture, a
well run by electricity, and a garden. I also have two teenage sons who
are gun nuts. Plenty of rifles, semi-automatic and otherwise. Any
comment on our chances or suggestions? My oldest son, 19, is joining
the army for 3 years. Will he be asked to kill his countrymen?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Emmett “Darby” Darbyshire on 02-19-2001 01:22 AM
Sometime earlier you wrote that there are no paradoxes in time tavel. I
have a question regarding a paradox that I can’t seem to overcome.
Maybe you can help.

People who posit theories of time travel generally write in terms
of time travel in years. My problem deals with very short trips – the
kind that early experimenters would most likely attempt (to avoid
divergence problems if nothing else).

In this experiment the traveller only goes 30 seconds into the past
to appear in his lab. It seems that 30 seconds before his experiment
was to begin he saw himself apppear in the lab. There would now be two
travellers and two time machines. It doesn’t appear that it ends that
simply as the “second” time traveller says that he saw a duplicate self
appear in the lab thirty seconds before he started the trip. It would
appear that its a time loop and an infinite number of duplicates see a
duplicate self appear in the lab thirty seconds prior to the start of
the trip.

Your time machine weighs 500 lbs and an average man weighs about
180 lbs. So lets say that that the mass is about 700 lbs per traveller.
What is the mass of the duplicates and where did the mass come from?
What is the result of the duplicates arriving ~simultaneously at the
~same place and time? How long will it take for the loop to decay? Will
it decay? Is it a loop? What happens if the experimenter, upon seeing
his duplicate, decides not to continue the experiment?

Posted by Randy Empey on 02-19-2001 07:52 AM
Mr. Vega, I excuse you as you ask. Complete understanding between
seperate entities in this world is likely an impossibility. I claim no
such moderatorship — I was just attempting to appeal to everybodies
sense of ‘proper actions during mutually-benificial social
interactions’ (I hate it when I can’t find the right, single word to
say what I want to say . . .) . . . attempting to phrase it in a way
that hasn’t already been said here . . . obviously, at least in your
case, it back fired. I still feel its a good sentiment.

“Effective meandering” appealed to me for exact reason which seems
to make you feel it was a poor metaphor. It has the meaning I intend,
as I know the language.

John T:
Since you are stockpiling examples of written word from this time,
whether to bring back to the future or for sources in your own written
endeavours, I suggest you make this a two way street — you take our
words, so lets have some more of yours.

Do you remember any poetry or verse from after 2001 in your past?
Is there an active market on new books in your time, or has that
infranstructure not rebuilt it self? Are most the books available old
or new?

Out of curiosity, as a rough judge of character, have you read the works of J.R.R. Tolkien? And did you enjoy them.
Actually, this all boils down to the question the last few posters have been getting at — R U THERE?
All -
Even if John never posts again, this thread would still seem to be
useful . . . there is enough conflict here to make it good drama.

I think time-travel is possible . . . others among us think its
impossible . . . there are other threads where battles in this war are
fought . . . but this particular theatre is far from over.

Posted by John Titor on 02-19-2001 11:03 AM
((1. You have claimed several times that you will not participate in
assisting anyone to get out of ‘death by probability’. Yet any number
of the things that you have said could have already caused an
individual to do or not do something that will now result in them
either dying, or escaping death an otherwise fated death.))

It would help if you could give an example. If you are referring to
the conflict and war in your future, I’m not sure I’m specific enough
to help any individuals avoid anything. Suggesting there is a war
coming is a bit different than saying avoid Washington DC at 3:45 AM on
March 12, 2015.

((There is no way for you to know if there is no future world leader reading this and believing.))
Are you sure about that? Besides, I think you can have just as much impact as any “future leader”.
((2. You claim that you have no interest in proving to us that you
are a time-traveller. To hear you take such a stance is laughable. Look
at what a show you have put on here. Instead you tell us that you only
wish us to make us aware of time-travel as a possiblity (see #1 again),
or that you only wish to observe us and speak of cultural and religious
issues, something interesting to a historian.))

I submit there is no way for me to prove anything on the internet,
therefore it makes no sense to desire it. What exactly do you think I
could do to prove it to anyone? I am confused by your term “the show”.
Do you feel my only goal here is to entertain?

((You came and posted on this site with one intention that was
clear as of your first post: to make us believe that you are a
time-traveller. You have continued this thread for that purpose alone,
and I find everything you have done supports this.))

Again, I am unable to make you do anything nor would I want that.
((As far as wishing to speak of issues regarding our humanity, or
culture, it is quite clear that this is not your intention (contrary to
what you insist). If you truly wished to do this your first line would
not have been, ‘I am a time-traveller’. If you truly wished to do this
you would not have continued this thread once you realized that line
would not serve your claimed goals.))

I learn a great deal about your culture from the words you write (like right now). What do you think my goals are?
((The entirety of this thread has been: you developing your story.))
I’m not sure I understand this. How would “my story” differ it was “developed”?
((I find it very difficult to belive that a software tweak (hence
‘software engineers’, -software-) done to a 1975 machine could cause it
to do this translation more effectively or more portably than something
around even today.))

Ahhh…something we have in common. Yes, I felt that way too.
However, my job was to go and get it and not debate why they wanted it.
I am not a computer expert.

((I find it almost impossible to believe that a tweak done by a
‘software engineer’ in 1975 could provide for you something that you
could find at no other place between now and ‘your time’, and certainly
without having to make a stop-over in our time to get back that far.))

A great deal of the computer infrastructure you depend on is based
on very old systems and code. One of the reasons I was sent to 1975 was
because of the person I met there, not the technology.

((Furthermore, I find the notion that one of a limited number of
time-machines would be used in this manner to be nothing short of
nonsensical. There are more effective ways to accomplish what you claim
in this regard.))

Perhaps you would share them with me. You might be right and I could make your suggestions when I return.
((4. I have, and continue to believe Dr. Hawking’s view in regards
to the possibility of time travel if indeed the model of time is what
you have suggested, that all possibilities occur in different
time-lines, in different universes is the way that time truly is. For
this reason alone I cannot accept you. It is entirely logical, and I
have seen no good case to counter it.))

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. If you believe in Multiple
World Theory, Hawking was not the one who first thought of that. If you
do, then I must be real if all possibilities exist. As I recall,
Hawking felt that it was possible to build a machine but some sort of
vacuum fluctuations would destroy it right before you tried to use it.

((You claim that you have no desire to prove your story to us, yet
everything you have done from the moment you first posted here has
flown in the face of that.))

I’m not sure that’s true. In fact, I’ve tried to point out on at
least two occasions that anything I do (at the request of someone else)
to support my claims can be found someplace else on your worldline
right now.

((What is more, you bring with you the claim that you will tell us
no names, no locations, or any specifics as a result of your supposed
ethics. If those were indeed the ethics you were committed to and
reasoned with, you would not be here now.))

I am curious about this also. Do you think I should not interact with you for your safety or mine?
((I visit with a pink unicorn in the garden behind my house at
night and it talks to me. I would show it to you but it only comes out
when I am alone.))

For some reason, I believe you.
((Time travel may be possible, but if you were to time travel, you
would NOT land on Earth. You would land in a vacuum of space. You have
to take into account that the universe is expanding, the Earth, the
solar system and the galaxy are all moving. If you truely did travel
back through time, you’d materialize in 1970 where the Earth WILL be in
2036, which is NOT Earth.. it’s space.))

Yes, this is a problem. It was solved by taking a “snapshot” of the
local gravity around the unit before leaving a worldline and
incorporating it into the sinusoid during travel. The short answer is,
you “stick” to the earth but this is only a useful explanation to
understand it and it’s not practical. Since the computer system is
using a virtual reference, the calculations become flawed. Thus:

1. Based on the accuracy and timing of the “snapshots” the
distortion units are limited to how long they can travel before
becoming unstable.

2. We must leave and arrive in areas we have prior or future
knowledge of in order to avoid massive objects (buildings, water, etc…)

3. The unit has a fail-safe system during travel that drops out in
case of a unit shutdown or radical departure in gravity readings.

((Answer this factoid, John, and I will believe you until the ends of the Earth.))
Again, you should not offer this to anyone for any reason.
((If John wants a way to prove anything – which from his previous
posts he has stated he DOESN’T WANT TO DO – then I am more than willing
to look over his proofs. However – just because I were to look
something over gives no more meaning to the rest of you than it would
if one of you looked his stuff over, believed it then told ME.))

((How would someone that came here with no money all of the sudden
have plenty of money now? You could have brought the lowest
denomination coin of your time with a mint mark anywhere after 2001 and
probably convinced almost all of us. At least some people. It would be
hard to fake.))

The reason I don’t have 2036 money is because it takes up weight,
space and can be faked and I can’t use it for anything. What type of
expenses do you think a time traveler would have that I would need so
much money for?

((1) Simply inscribe your knowledge of any large scale events
(disasters, discoveries, etc etc) over the next six months (there
should be at least one memorable example) into a text file.

(2) Encrypt said text file.
(3) Give text file to a custodian. I sure Art Bell would volunteer, he’s very interested in time travel.
(4) In six months time give Art the encryption key and he can reveal what you said.))
The only problem is, now you have to trust the person who brings the information forward.
I’m not sure you really wanted me to answer those questions. If you
could be more specific I would enjoy the conversation. Do you believe
that faith alone will get you to God? Do you believe in an organized
force of evil that works against men’s souls?

13 coming…

Posted by Randy Empey on 02-19-2001 01:00 PM Thumbs up
John T –
I would like you to answer any of the questions which you feel you
can answer. I would not ask were I not curious. You, of course, are
allowed to censor yourself and direct the conversation by what you
choose to respond to and say.

It may intrest you to read some of the other threads on this bbs, the
ones about other topics, like religion . . . and post in them.

But I think I can provide a brief response to your questions to promote further conversation here.
I believe that faith AND good works will get one to God. There are
other things, but they can arguably be included under the headings of
‘faith’ and ‘good works’.

I believe there is an organized force of evil that works against God’s plan for men’s souls. Its all part of the plan.
Your next question may be “Why do you believe that?” . . .
My answer is two part:
1. I was born into a family where such beliefs run strong. It feels right to believe what my loved ones believe.
2. My studies since my childhood have done nothing but confirm that
such beliefs are at least well founded, if not indicated by the way I
understand that ‘things’ work in this reality. By this I allude to many
different avenues of the pursuit of knowledge. Recently, the most
convincing has been things I’ve learned in my study of physics, of all
things . . .

Some scientist say science has made them athiests . . . I say science,
as I understand it, has had the opposite effect on many others.

I like to think, and the more I think, the more I become convinced that my beliefs are accurate enough for my purposes.
But, they are beliefs, and I could not prove them to you.
Another reason why I am stubborn in some of these beliefs, the
religious ones and other parts of my philosophy is because it feels
right — almost as if by intuition or subconscious communications from
‘the other side’.

I don’t think the possibility of TT disagrees in any way with any of the elements of my philosophy.
I think many reading this thread would like you to expound on the elements of your philosophy, John.
I vaguely remember you mentioned being religious . . . am I
remembering straight? (I’ll look over the past posts of course, but
reiteration doesn’t hurt.) How would you answer your own questions?

Could you talk a bit more on how the ‘many worlds’ view point
introduced by the advent of the TT tech. developed in your society
affects the religious views of both the masses and the thinkers?

I think that it works with the way I understand things — Falling under the ‘many flocks’ arguement, if nothing else.
You mention gathering written material here . . . so I assume you
do a lot of reading — before this trip, in your spare time, did you
read much fiction? If so, what genre? Any books from this century?

What brought you to this bbs in the first place?
And here is another character-o-meter question I’d like you to
answer: Have you seen George Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy (bonus points
for any of the prequels or sequels)?

Posted by Joe Norris on 02-19-2001 01:12 PM Question
1: What happens to Bill Clinton between now and 2036
2: What happens to Bill Gates between now and 2036
I am sure these are both headline events that will be talked about for several years to come.

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