Postagens Originais do John Titor (Parte 13)

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-22-2001 07:57 AM

That was very inspirational. (How ever you spell it =)
However, please understand that my intention is to just keep it real. And believe it or not, someone here has to.
People will march to the sound of his beating drum if someone doesn’t
speak up and offer an other side. In other words, lots of people here
are one sided.

Some aren’t free willed thinking individuals as you described…
Some need people like John here to give them purpose. A person whom
they can look for answers, not someone to lead them. A short-cut more
like it.

And Time Travel is that short-cut.
You never been face to face with a Time Traveler have you? First hand
experiences are always the hardest to have others understand.

John is not what he appears to be. Yes he is well spoken, and has a
pleasant manner in how he presents him self. But looks are deceiving
when you have a secret agenda. Take that into your explanation…

Well I have to go now. Ask me more questions if you want. I will answer them all to the best of my knowledge.
Thank you,
Javier C.

Posted by Bob Marz on 02-22-2001 09:14 AM
John Titor:
It’s comforting to know miracles still occur in the future as well
as the distant past. I refer to your report on the Aussies repelling a
Chinese invasion.

How come it doesn’t bother you that people may die through your
inaction yet you find it “morally wrong” that you might affect lives by
active involvement?

Isn’t it just as morally wrong to affect lives through inaction as it is through action? Hint: The answer is YES.
One of the issues that runs throughout your posts is this moral
ambiguity. You’ve thought it through enough to decide it boils down to
personal decision (which should liberate you from further qualms) yet
you still say you dare not decide who “deserves” to (live or) die. In
other words you’ve made the intellectual realization but it hasn’t yet
trickled down into your everyday life/actions. IE, Since good/evil are
subjective/relative, depending on circumstance and viewpoint, you
aren’t required to possess precognition to discern all present or
future ramifications of any lives you may save either by
action/inaction. Your immediate decision, in itself, is its own
authority. In the basic life versus non-life equation you should choose
to support life. Further confusion, such as (as you said) whether
you’re qualified to determine who deserves to live or die, is outside
your sphere of influence, therefore you’re not responsible for such a
decision. But, here’s the crux, rather than decidecide to simply remain
uninvolved, you should simply move in the direction of life-affirming
action. If good and evil achieve a balance in the larger picture, as
you suspect, and all life is “God” experiencing physical manifestation,
the question of you being required to decide who lives or dies is moot.
What should motivate you is that which promotes this life process, a
subset of which is experience/information/knowledge viability.

The fact that I couldn’t restrain myself from telling you this
because I see you bumping your head against it constantly means, sadly,
it’s non-experiential for you and probably obstructs your embracing
this idea rather than facilitates it.

“If you have not lived it, it is not true.”
“The only real sin is that which obstructs the acquisition of knowledge.”
“Friend, listen. The God whom I love is inside.”
Thanks for the ride, you’ve done a great job here.
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Posted by James R.Quayle III on 02-22-2001 09:51 AM Thumbs up
Guierdjeff,Ouspensky spoke of how humans will eventually need to go
back in time and bring every wrong to right ,every hitler to
moot.Through tech or mind one will eventually give into the good,if one
can travel through time then fixing things would be the new prime
directive I would think,to take it upon oneself to right the wrongs if
one can to protect the beautiful thing which is the fragile human life
experience,to be loyal to this experience all we humans reading this go
through(To nurture humans in what ever time one finds oneself into).To
awaken in a utopia because men and women went back and hinted and
helped some who were to be swayed by evil to be strong and do what we
all know is right.Eventually we all have to get along on the
planet.Languages and culture/customs should not divide but unite
through the randomness and difference in the others.Perhaps telepathy
would be a better communicational tool ,then what is currently being
used on the planet.agentq3i would give my life to such a cause if i had
a way to time travel consistantly and safely,through tech or
Will(Magick),or doorways.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-22-2001 10:01 AM
I know some won’t like me for saying this, but like I said before in the other forum, I’m not here to be liked.
I just wanted to say that there have been a few complaints from some
who think your not answering their questions to their satisfaction.
Now, before you would just say it’s me, and that I have these
expectations in how you answer my questions.

But as you can see, that was not the case, nor is it now with others.
More people nowadays are coming forward that besides the technical
questions being answered, your showing signs of just being general,
vague, contradictive or just plain not knowledgeable in these other
areas. Where as you say, you being a Time Traveler from the year 2036,
you should know this.

Just wanted to make it known to you, before you use your
manipulative ways to make it seem like if you answered the question.
But in fact, you haven’t. You reverse alot of what you answer. And you
know it.

Javier C.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-22-2001 10:08 AM
James R.Quayle III,
Yeah that’s the way to do it. That’s way better then doing it as
something mankind should come together in an agreement on. Better then
over coming our problems on our own, when there is an instant fix for
it. Just change the past without them knowing it, for a future hidden

(In case you had no idea, I was being sarcastic).
-Javier C.

Posted by John Titor on 02-22-2001 10:44 AM
I will get to all the questions. I’m trying to comment on them in
order. I’m posting the names before all the questions so if you feel I
missed something just bring it up again.

I saw something last night that I want everyone’s opinion on. Its
concerning two television commercials advertising the same cellular
phone product. The first commercial I didn’t understand right away but
the second was obvious.

In the first commercial, a man dressed in cold weather gear appears
to be in a snowstorm. He’s on a cellular phone saying goodbye to his
family as if he was going to die in the storm. We then see he is
standing in front of a snow machine at a ski resort area.

In the second commercial, another man dressed in cold weather gear
is talking on a cellular phone. We see a young women inviting him to a
romantic evening. He seems a bit stunned and excited, hangs up the
phone and runs off. We then see he has abandoned an unconscious person
he was giving emergency medical treatment to.

What do you think of these commercials?

Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-22-2001 10:49 AM
John – I think you live in an area that is being aimed because of a
demographic profile. They would never run those kinds of ads in abig
city. People would get fired up too easily.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-22-2001 12:14 PM
Spare us John, just say what your point is. Or is your point having
people’s opinions on these commercials? And if so, would that fall
under one of your agendas?

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-22-2001 12:17 PM
At the risk of asking too many questions and taking up more than my
share of cyberspace, please respond to one more train of thought. You
refuse to give advice that might actually allow someone to dodge the
bullet. I postulate that you actually do not have any more of an
advantage or responsibility than the person who grabs someone who is
about to step off the curb and get hit by a bus. I would not stop and
think ‘gee, I don’t know, do they deserve to be saved from the fate of
a roadkill?’ A doctor or priest does not take it upon himself to decide
who should be helped. A jet pilot doesn’t stop to think “Hey, air
travel is pretty unnatural, these people should have to walk and row
their way to Paris. I am messing with the way time and space is
perceived and the nature of reality with this form of transportation.”
Time travel is just another form of transportation in one sense. Our
possible new ability to time travel in the future may not seem any more
exotic than our ability to access other cultures is now. Anyway, I
think maybe your reluctance to elaborate is unwarranted. What happens,
happens and everything is experience. I have come to the place that
there is no such thing as a bad experience just painful crash courses
in personal growth.


Posted by Lola Montez on 02-22-2001 12:25 PM
I did not see your post before I got my last one on. Seems we have
similar attitudes about choice and responsibility. Also, about religion
as experiential.

Most ads are sick panderings to people’s insecurity, sex drive or greed. If it’s a really good ad it hits all three.

Posted by Jim Houlahan on 02-22-2001 12:41 PM
John – Are you posting on other (non time travel related) boards
without revealing your status as a time traveler? Is the conversation
as interesting? What are your conclusions so far?

Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-22-2001 12:45 PM
Lola and Bob – Very interesting. By the same token, why do we take
the Prime Directive from Star Trek, for granted? It seems to have
something to do with being able to operate with an unfair advantage.
What is this about technology that seems to put the users at odds with
natural law?

What if John were to rescue someone who was about to be hit by a
bus, and this person then went out to a bar that night and killed
someone? That’s a general idea, I wonm’t load it up with more scenarios
and examples.

I’ve really enjoyed this thread guys. I would like to get a little
closer to the buzz I first had, that this could be possibly true.

John – I think you have answered this – are, or were, you in
contact with TTs in 2036, and if so, what percentage of the people
accept it as possible? After the flight of the Wright Brothers at Kitty
Hawk, it took 10 plus years for people to accept it as anything more
than just an urban myth.

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Posted by Lola Montez on 02-22-2001 01:09 PM
Maybe I missed your point, but mine was “how is John saving someone any
different from our doing so?” I do not see him having an “unfair”
advantage. He did not time travel to kill Hitlers mother after all. I
guess that would be out of the 60 year limit but I imagine there is
some bad guy that would fit the bill. Scientists and others are always
making knowledgeable predictions but Southern California is still
occupied. I doubt that John telling us what he sees coming would change
very much of our behavior no matter how dire the information.

Although, I have seen some Star Trek episodes in the past I am not a Trekkie and am not familiar with Prime Directives.

Posted by Doug Beauchamp on 02-22-2001 01:28 PM
The Prime Directive in Star Trek is to explore space without
interfering with any cultures not fully advanced in the area of space
exploration. In short, it’s there to protect other cultures. Imagine if
people from space came to our planet and gave us the secret of space
exploration. Likewise, imagine if a time traveler from the future came
to this time period and told us the secret of time travel.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-22-2001 02:02 PM
Did everyone forget that John has a secret agenda? No body knows if
he’s killed anyone. So what if he seems like he’s not capable, because
of the way he sounds. He is a soilder, a person trained to kill.

Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-22-2001 02:28 PM
Lola – Sorry it was a quick post and it jumped across some of the mental references.
What is the difference between someone like John saving somebody and
someone like me saving somebody? (BTW I have saved somebody, LOL).

The difference, of course is that John has (theoretically) come
from the future with the assistance of some technology that is not
native to our time. That’s where the correlation to the Prime Directive
derives. The real interesting question is the one you two raised. Why
is this an issue? To me personnaly, its intrinsically poignant. It
revolves around the same questions of technology that you could apply
if you tried to go back in time with some modern weaponry and alter a
particular battle.

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-22-2001 04:02 PM
Why is it different than using a jet to go to a primitive tribe and
give them, say, antiobiotics. (never mind the problems with
antibiotics)It is a high tech way of interfering with a culture. Who
cares what time zone. Ethically isn’t it the same?

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Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-22-2001 06:16 PM
I don’t think there are a lot of differences in that analogy. Though
you have to ask whether going into a tribe and innoculating them would
have unintended consequences, not the least of which would be – which
has happened in real life – soldiers coming in and amputating the
innocualted limb. That wasn’t just a story from Apocalypse Now.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-22-2001 11:05 PM
Hey John,
Haven’t heard much from you today. You care to comment on what we’re
talking about? I know it might be a bit far from your line of
expertise, but your from the future. You should have something
insightful to say about this, No?

Well I can understand if you wish not to comment. I know the
pressure in answering questions like this can really impose on your
persona. Always selective and reserve in what you answer huh ?

-Javier C.
P.S. So are you going to have spectators watching you leave, or not? If so, can I come by with a few of my friends ?

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-23-2001 07:42 AM
Javier- I wasn’t really trying to be inspirational, only point out
that sometimes for any understanding to occur, there needs to be a kid
of base-line on where we begin an investigation. That is, we can
postulate all we wish, but a theory must be in place, and several
aspects of the experiment must be given a kind of non-variance in
regards to belief. That is, if we do not believe ANYTHING we see or
hear, we can never honestly learn, since nothing is believeable!

That is my take on this. Sure, I don’t necessarily believe John is
a time traveler, and I do understand that a debate (or argument if you
prefer the term) prevents stagnation. Folks who blindly believe in
anything that comes along are the same people that PT Barnam spoke
about (ie “There’s a sucker born every minute”). I am certain no one
here is a sucker, but, folks tend to want to go with the crowd. I
don’t. You don’t. And John obviously doesn’t.

I would suggest that if you asked 100 people about time
travel 80% or more would say they think it is possible in SOME
MANNER. 99% of them won’t have a clue about science either. So… given
that we have a wide range of people and talents here, I give everyone
his and her due where it comes to “believing”. If they wanna believe,
that is THEIR perogitive. We really don’t need some hero to come along
and “save us”.

Expose the truth, yes. So keep up the good work. haha
John – commercials. They are ignorant commercials. In fact, almost
every commercial on television these days are either totally stupid (so
they come out funny), or they are aimed at people whose humor suffers
from being “in the black” a lot. Black humor seems to be the way things
go these days. I don’t much care for it.

Javier – a comment about soliers. You’re correct. *I* am a solider
first. I’ve been in the military 26 years now. I’ve been everything
from an electronics teacher, to a team chief at the White House
Communications Agency. I’ve seen combat (though not what most people
think of as combat – fire fights in Central America). My “real job” as
a reservist is the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of a
communications flight for a tactical airlift wing. I have computer,
radio and cryptographers working for me. Our job.. main job is to make
communications work.

Every one of us have traveled someplace dangerous, and done jobs
that most people wouldn’t DREAM of doing. In our civilian lives, we are
all in computers or some other “less than dangerous career”. Every
person that works for me can climb, run, survive, shoot… and kill.
They all know how to do it from the newest Mom in our group to the
oldest man (me). My 18 year olds are just as deadly in their jobs as
the oldest guy (which is me).

If I’m sent to do my job, I will. And killing is one part of it. Some
people forget that a military member’s job is killing sometimes. It
isn’t always their main job, but it is part of what goes with being a
soldier, sailor, airman and marine. Many might balk when told they have
to do it… but, they WILL do it when the time comes. Anyone know why?
Because it is called survival.

If there is to be a war in our future, every man, woman and child
now alive will become involved if it comes to OUR HOMEFRONT. That is,
more than anything, what John has been saying I believe.

Whether it will come or not is a different story. It is MY duty to
prevent a war. Even though I might be told to fight one, even against
my own people – I won’t kill Americans. Nor will any other military
member in the US Armed forces.

So – to John… this is a kind of an answer to something you said
earlier on. No, military people are not asked to sign anything saying
they will kill anyone. It is either an urban legend that has been
perpetuated in the past few years, or it really happened with one
Marine platoon in 29 palms. I’ve had two men tell me they participated,
and both say it happened, but it was NOT a military-wide thing.

I’ve researched this. NO ONE HAS ANY DOCUMENTATION ON IT! That’s
the facts. The fiction is what my side (the progun people) are pushing
about the UN. But, that is another discussion for another time – and
perhaps another place.

Suffice it to say, the US Military will never turn on the people,
we are sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States
against all enemies, foreign and domestic … and to obey the laws of
the President and the Officers appointed above (us) me. That means the
orders have to be LAWFUL. Think on that folks, as you consider your
future actions.

Rick Donaldson

Posted by John Titor on 02-23-2001 08:08 AM
((So – to John… this is a kind of an answer to something you said
earlier on. No, military people are not asked to sign anything saying
they will kill anyone. It is either an urban legend that has been
perpetuated in the past few years, or it really happened with one
Marine platoon in 29 palms. I’ve had two men tell me they participated,
and both say it happened, but it was NOT a military-wide thing.))

I agree the details are very important. My statement ended with a question mark. I made no difinitve statement.
“I’m not positive but don’t they sign a small piece of paper now asking them if they would have a problem with that?”

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-23-2001 08:25 AM
Wow, I had no idea you were in the Military. You don’t come off as an
NCO. Well most of the ones I met were A-Holes. It’s good to know some
nice people are in the Military after all .

What branch and what rank, if you don’t mind me asking?
-Javier C.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-23-2001 08:33 AM
Atleast we know John is here reading these. He’s just not answering .
I have a question for you. Since your here, you won’t mind answering it.
What did you anticipate when you came to these boards? What reason
could you have to come here and spill your guts to the whole world who
you are? I mean, did you think you would get people to listen to you. I
think you knew you would…

But I am picking up, that you have encountered a few things you didn’t
anticipate. And it’s only becoming more apparent as the days go on.

Now Military knows about you. Worried?
What are your thoughts as you see your perfect little world you created with lies shatters into pieces?
-Javier C.
P.S. Answer my others questions too.
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Posted by Filip Sandor on 02-23-2001 10:31 AM Question
I don’t see the need to bring out any BS o’meter; what are we going
to prove? That it is not worth thinking seriously about what our time
traveler friend has come to share with us? What is it going to change
if we KNOW FOR CERTAIN whether John is really from the future? It will
definately change SOMETHING (different for all of us), I know that much
for sure, but I don’t think we need that sort of distraction at this

Honestly, I believe that even if John answered all your questions
correctly, Mike, it would change nothing of the essence of John’s
message. I really think he is trying to tell us something; more than
the fact that he is a time traveler. Now, if we could just pin-point
what it is that he is trying to tell us; I literally mean, pin-point,
or focus on. The message is clear, but we like to create lots of fog.

Time travel is REAL. Anyone who knows physics well or has listened
to Art’s guest, Mr. David Anderson about a week ago, knows this.

The truth is we can run, but we can’t hide (from own actions). So
why even bother, why not face what we are faced with? Even if we
managed to get a knavish grip on a ‘magical’ time machine, what would
it really change for us… unless we knew what to use it for? It is
irrelevant for us to have access to a time machine or to know which
time John has come to visit us from when there are really more
important things for us to think about, at least some of the time. I am
not saying we have to BELIEVE John to be a time traveler, that is
irrelevant, but I think we should listen to his ideas about what we
might be able to do in order to prevent our own greeds from consuming
us whole.

John, I appreciate you being here and I think most of us do, even
if your presence only means a good debate, which some of us evidentally
enjoy. Debates are good!

I would like to finish this post with a question (for John): Is
spiritual awakening a difficult process; if yes, then why is it so
difficult, and are we all capable of it?

Posted by Rick Donaldson on 02-23-2001 11:06 AM
(Javier Wrote
Wow, I had no idea you were in the Military. You don’t come off as an NCO. Well most of the ones I met were
A-Holes. It’s good to know some nice people are in the Military
after all . What branch and what rank, if you don’t mind me asking?

-Javier C.
Hahaha is that how folks see us military guys?
There is a saying a buddy has who was an officer in the Air Force. He
tells me that his job as an officer was really to be “diplomatic” to
get a job done (including war fighting) but when diplomacy fails it is
the NCO’s ‘kick @$$ and take names’”

Mostly, I see where time travel if is becomes a real thing in our
‘time line’ would indeed be handled by the US Space Command and then
eventually would off shoot to a US Time Command or something like that.

Remember that todays NCOs and Sargents are not like they were in
times past. Today, some of the enlisted personnel in the United States
military are as educated (if not more so) than most of the officers.

Also, Javier – about me personally, remember, I’m an active duty
RESERVIST, so I am a civilian most of the time. Also, remember that
military people, are no different from any one else except in certain
attitudes they might maintain. In other words, we are just as curious,
just as intelligent and just as politically savvy as any civilian out
there. The difference being we are sometimes limited on our avenues of
voicing our opinions.

The military in general is “conservative” about social, economic
and even political idealisms. You can not honestly be a “liberal
minded” person in the military and expect to last long. Why? Because
you tend to beliefs that are contridictory to military life.

That isn’t saying we do not have things like gays, and
non-religious people. That isn’t saying we don’t have out and out
anti-”Republican” “forces” in the military. But, they are few and far

Anyway… I know this is less about time travel than it should be,
and semi-iff topic, but in a way, it does relate to the over all scheme
of things in this “time line”.

Take care all… see you all on the other side (of the weekend).

Posted by Randy Empey on 02-23-2001 11:19 AM
John –
Here is some cut&paste to put this in perspective:
((I believe that faith AND good works will get one to God. There
are other things, but they can arguably be included under the headings
of ‘faith’ and ‘good works’.
I believe there is an organized force of evil that works against God’s
plan for men’s souls. It’s all part of the plan. Your next question may
be “Why do you believe that?” ))

Please don’t think me so cynical. I would never insult or degrade
someone’s religious views. My next questions would be “what about
knowledge?” I am a firm believer that faith (and good works) is not
enough to get to God. There is a mystery we must solve first. ))

Imagining cynicism where it is not is a hobby of mine, please excuse me if I sound too paranoid for your tastes.
What about knowledge?
There are plenty of great mysteries, but if your only aim its to ‘get to God’, it is not neccesary to solve them.
Faith and good works is enough. Its got to be the right kind of
faith and good works of course, but you don’t have to be a wise old
monk to get into heaven. .

But what about knowledge? That is where the fun begins . . .
If ones aim is to become like God, or be able to cooperate with him in
his future endeavors, or self betterment, then spending ones life
questing after knowledge is a good recipe. There are plenty of
mysteries to be discovered. But the rewards are not at the end so much
as they are in the journey.

Learning is what we are here to do.
At the same time, there is still a ‘light side’ and a ‘dark side.’
I look forward to further conversation here.
Another question has just hit me — What do you see for the future of TT in your world-line?

Posted by John Titor on 02-23-2001 11:31 AM
((You mention gathering written material here . . . so I assume you
do a lot of reading — before this trip, in your spare time, did you
read much fiction? If so, what genre? Any books from this century?))

I am a big fan of Conrad, Twain, London and any type of religious apocryphia.
((What brought you to this bbs in the first place?))
When I decided to present or revel myself as a displacement driver
I had been watching similar boards for quite a while. I believe the
only way to accept what I have to say as being remotely possible
requires an open mind able to temporarily suspend major portions of the
belief and logic system. In his own strange way, even Javier falls into
this category. I would much rather talk to him than a straight line,
give me the equations physicist. I don’t gain any insight that way.

((And here is another character-o-meter question I’d like you to
answer: Have you seen George Lucas’s Star Wars Trilogy (bonus points
for any of the prequels or sequels)?))

Yes I have seen them. I like the first one the best and the “next
one”, in my opinion, isn’t that great either. That’s a heck of a
battery those light sabers.

((1: What happens to Bill Clinton between now and 2036 ))
I don’t really know.
((2: What happens to Bill Gates between now and 2036))
This I do know but I won’t discuss.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-23-2001 09:22 PM
John you opportunist, why don’t you answer my questions? Why so
selective and silent? Did I scare you off or something, why you backing
off? I must have told you the truth, and now you must be thinking it
over .

You’re like a vulture, in the sense that your just waiting to find a
question to bring up your popularity back up. While avoiding those that
would bring it down. Cause you know your afraid. I told you it was only
a matter of time.

I’m lucky, I don’t fear anything, and I stick to my word.
The TimeTravelActivist say’s, “Any question, any time, JUST BRING IT!”
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Posted by Jeanette Foresta on 02-24-2001 07:05 AM
I had met someone, a year or so ago, who said he was from the year
2036 also. He said something happened to make this travel all the more
He gave me some details, I wonder if they are the same as yours.

I printed out and read the article at the site you wrote.
The five presidents? He gave me a breakdown of the government in 2036,
I would like to know if there is something called the DNE? Democracy of
a New Earth? In which the world is broken into 5 sections. I won’t
elaborate here. Yet. I may write it into an article, but then I would
feel guilty, (as you say)for being money hungry, and not just
contributing. I will think about what I will do according to if I hear
from you personally.

Posted by John Titor on 02-24-2001 12:37 PM
((Why are orphans an issue? It seems war orphans would be pretty old by now.))
Problems with the environment still have lasting affects on all people,
which cause the average life span to lower. In addition, people are
more susceptible to accidents. Family life and children are very highly
valued and the community takes the responsibility for raising children
if their parents die.

((What is your biggest or gravest environmental issue?))
Water. You need it for everything and there is very little left in the world that is positively safe to drink.
((Does distillation remove radioactivity from water?))
It removes the dust and dirt particles that are radioactive.
((Do people still watch TV?))
Yes but it isn’t broadcast anymore.
((Are there any women on your travel team?))
Not that I’m aware of but I would assume there are women who are
either trained or are training for the same type of work. I don’t know
why there wouldn’t be.

((What is the status of women in your time?))
I understand the question but I have nothing to relate it to in
2036. The status of women is the same as men. Equality issues
disappeared during the war.

((Do they hold office?))
((Work outside the home?))
Women are not expected to stay home and be “barefoot and pregnant” if that’s what you mean.
((Get equal pay?))
((Are they safe on the streets at night?))
There is still crime but people do not attack each other the way they do here.
((What do women wear for the most part?))
Clothing is more functional. Women wear very similar clothing as
men when working or training. In our free time or with our family and
friends, clothing is much more individualized. Long dresses, knitted
sweaters and pants are still quite popular. You’ll have to forgive me;
I’m not very good at describing women’s clothing.

((Are the Amish alive and well?))
Yes, I believe they are.
((What is the birth rate?))
I don’t know the exact figures but having children is radically
lower than it is now. It is the one thing I wish we had that you enjoy

((Is there an unusual rate of birth defects and if so what kind?))
Yes. Mostly stillborn.
((You said that your culture was centered around the Universities.
Weren’t they wiped out in the war? They are in cities after all. ))

Not all major universities are in large cities.
((Do you use cell phones?))
Yes, we use a form of cell phone.
((Eat allot of red meat?))
Yes but not as much as you do.
((Drive cars?))
Yes but they are not produced in nearly the same numbers or used the same way.
((Are airlines in operation?))
Yes but again, not nearly as many.
Yes, but most people don’t get really want to go overseas.
((Are people pressured (subtle or otherwise) to adhere to a Christian doctrine?))
Not at all.
((Do police make drug busts?))
((Are there many jails? What kind of criminals are in them?))
Yes there are jails. Mostly theft, fraud, rape and murder.
((What kind of public punishment is there?))
Hard labor, community service, banishment (you must move to another community), public execution.
((Sounds like New England during religious persecution and intolerance. ))
How do you define intolerance? We don’t really have the energy or
desire to waste time being intolerant. If you produce and help the
community than you can do pretty much think and do anything you want
within the law.

((Are there Wholistic healers? Herbal medicines? Alternative life styles? ))
((Is there personal freedom?))
Yes, the same freedoms you enjoy under the Constitution.
((Is there an IRS and a need to keep a lot of receipts and paperwork around to justify yourself?))
Yes, we pay taxes. Sounds like you don’t enjoy keeping track of your personal income taxes. I don’t think anyone does.
((Is the same type of currency used? Is ours today good in say 2010 or 2020?))
Yes, we use money. That’s a good question. I don’t see why you couldn’t use your current bills in the future.
((Other than time travel how do most people get around the country? Do people tend to travel much? ))
There is a high-speed train system, horseback, bike, walking. Automobiles are used mostly for sport and some transportation.
((Are people suspicious of strangers or all you one big happy family now?))
There is still conflict and mistrust. Yes, I am suspicious of
strangers. I think that’s an instinct we are given to help us stay

((How do most people die during the war? Radiation, starvation? bullet wounds?))
Correct…but in this order: Starvation – Disease – Bullet Wounds – Radiation.

Posted by Richard Lina on 02-24-2001 01:24 PM Arrow
John,thank you for sharing,I find this fasinating.wanted to ask, has
California,had”the Big” earthquake,in your time and has any of the
north Coast disappeared?..also, I really do wish that you could be a
guest on Art’s show,I am sure it would be enjoyable…thanks

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-24-2001 02:22 PM
How hard is it for you to come up with a one sentance answer to
people’s questions? That’s what you just did, though you might say it
took you a whole day to come up with what to say.

Posted by Craig Cuthbert on 02-24-2001 02:49 PM
I hope my last couple of posts weren’t too off the wall. Just wanted
to say that I understand why someone assisted by advanced technology,
would have reservations about interfering with the status quo here. The
law of unintended consequences.

So John, c’mon man (do people still say that?), let’s hear what kind of culture you live in.
>What music do 20 year olds listen to.
>What’s the future of cloning.
>Any more on Bill Gates?
>Do people wear chips yet?
>Are you a marked man?
BTW, Which hand are you not supposed to take it on (hint: its not the left) and why?

Posted by Randy Empey on 02-24-2001 03:04 PM
Javier —
Keep up the crusade, but . . . .
Bear in mind that your expectations seem unjustified to us less concerned about John’s veracity.
Some times I go for days without even reading posts, but should my critics hassle me about it?
I know . . . I know . . . . extraordinary claims require
extraordinary proof . . . . but thats only to prove them, not to talk
about the ramifications of thier possibility or the ideas involved.

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-24-2001 04:02 PM
Thanks for taking the trouble. I would still like to know what population makes a city big.
Your time sounds grim. Are you tempted to deliver your computer to 2036 and then retire in the 1970′s?
What did you think about those commercials?

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-24-2001 04:49 PM
When it is beginning to rain….
it is time to go rainbow gazing.

Posted by John Titor on 02-24-2001 05:24 PM
Its been pointed out to me that the links to the pictures are all down for some reason.
If anyone has a public site I can post them again, I will be happy to see that they get to you.

Posted by Javier Cortez on 02-24-2001 05:32 PM
John is here reading these posts. Only answering when it’s
convenient for him (i.e. the nature of the question doesn’t entitle him
being exposed). So as you can see, it’s not like he’s been away for
quite a while, he’s making him self-known to us, and avoiding to answer
my questions.

Do you not see that?

Posted by Lola Montez on 02-24-2001 07:14 PM
No word on why the pics are down?

Posted by Pamela Moore on 02-25-2001 12:44 AM
Problems with the pictures:
I have got in contact with Doc, where the pictures are located-
Doc is having some technical difficulty with the site.
Where geocities has suddenly restricted some of his images.
He should be able to correct the problem he said.
and if not he can easily move them to a site that can not be touched.
[Edited by Pamela Moore on 02-25-2001 at 01:10 AM]

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